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peach hair oil

persikovoe maslo dlya volos - peach hair oil

Oils are essential for our body. They help us look fresh and attractive. Health is also important – their use favorably affects the body as a whole. But oils are used not only inside, but also outside. peach hair oil is an extremely useful and simple product.

About oil

persikovoe maslo dlya volos 1 - peach hair oilPeach oil is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a rich chemical composition that has a caring and regenerating effect on the hair. Its use is very common in cosmetology. However, it is applied not only to the face. Try experimenting with your hair.

What is so miraculous in it that peach hair oil is used everywhere? Firstly, these are various acids: oleic and linoleic, palmitic and stearic. Their task is to strengthen hair, moisturize, nourish, relieving you of split ends. Potassium and phosphorus will help your hair recover as quickly as possible, making it strong from the very roots, and vitamins A, B and E are responsible for rapid hair growth.

You should try peach hair oil if you have thin, brittle and dry hair. They are exposed to the harmful effects of the environment and are now lifeless and dull. If you want to overcome split ends, be sure to take this remedy into account.


persikovoe maslo dlya volos 2 - peach hair oilHow to use peach oil for hair. Most often, it is advised to be careful with oils and apply them only to the tips, avoiding the base. But the roots in this case also need to be nourished with a rich composition of peach oil.

To get rid of dandruff and dry scalp, rub peach oil directly into the roots. But don’t use it in large quantities. Excess will oily skin and you will get the opposite effect.

One drop is enough for the ends. The course of recovery lasts one month. Use peach oil every night.

Add a few drops of peach oil to your balm, conditioner, or hair mask. This will help create extra care and protection for the curls, as well as help them detangle when combing.


persikovoe maslo dlya volos 3 - peach hair oilPeach hair oil is an excellent component of folk recipes for caring and restoring hair masks.

To strengthen and moisturize your hair, mix a few drops of peach oil with ground oatmeal or wheat. Rub into the scalp, put on a cap and wrap with a towel, creating a greenhouse effect.

Need to get rid of dry scalp? Mix peach oil (teaspoon), sea salt (tablespoon) and rice flour (tablespoon). Massage your scalp with this mixture.

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