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Pie Chart Maker Easy-to-use pie chart maker, downloadable in three formats

Pie Chart Maker Easy-to-use pie chart maker, downloadable in three formats

Pie Chart Maker It is an online pie chart generator that can quickly create beautiful, visually satisfying professional pie charts through basic options settingsand very easy to use, no need to deal with complex statistics or applications, customize the displayed chart title, each label, value and display method Online preview, download as PNG, JPEG or SVG format after completion, and also make 3D with one click Pie chart, adjust legend display position, color and alignment.

Last year, I introduced another service “Meta-Chart Free Online Chart Maker, which converts data into visual statistical charts”, which can also visualize data. Compared with Pie Chart Maker, it supports more types of statistical charts, such as Yes Venn diagrams, bar charts, histograms, multiple bar charts, scatter charts, line charts, area charts are all available.

Pie Chart Maker does not have a complicated data import method. Users can directly input different labels and values, separate them with commas, and then directly generate the corresponding pie chart preview. They can also choose the background color, legend position, and make a donut chart. , rotation, or title and legend text color, the resulting pie chart can be used for any purpose.

Pie Chart Maker

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Open Pie Chart Maker and you will see the related options of the pie chart. The bottom part is the preview image. Each field has a preset value or example. You can generate the pie chart you need by modifying it. The operation is very simple. , then I will use this tool to make a chart!

Pie Chart Maker


Modify the title of the chart, select each item and value import format, if you follow the default options, there will be labels and value fields, use half-shaped commas to divide the grid, you can also set the legend alignment position below, Pie Hole can put circles The pie chart is turned into a donut chart, and you can see the effect by adjusting the value.

Pie Chart Maker


The figure below is a chart of “Home Game Console Software Market Share” made using Pie Chart Maker, data source DFC Intelligence.

Pie Chart Maker

If you want to use 3D images to look more three-dimensional, clearer and easier to understand, you can also check the “Make 3D” option to convert to 3D images for presentation.

Pie Chart Maker

Or present the legend in a different way, such as displaying the legend on the right, middle part of a pie chart.

Pie Chart Maker


Finally, drag it to the bottom of the page and you will see the Download Chart as PNG, JPEG or SVG button.

Pie Chart Maker

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. An online pie chart generator to create beautiful and visually satisfying pie charts through a browser
  2. There is no complicated data import method, users can directly input and adjust data to generate charts
  3. Download pie charts in PNG, JPEG or SVG formats


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