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Platform shoes, how and with what clothes should I wear them?

Platform shoes how and with what clothes should I wear - Platform shoes, how and with what clothes should I wear them?

We love platform shoes but many times we have no idea how to wear them and with what clothes it is better to combine them, does the same thing happen to you? Do not worry more precious, because today we will tell you with what outfits they look ten.

Comfortable shoes that you can wear if you are going to walk all day

Aid! How do I combine my platform shoes?

Footwear, in addition to helping us protect our feet, has become a super important part of our clothing. Through them (as with clothes) we express ourselves and although we defend the idea that in fashion there should be no rules that tell us (or prohibit) what to wear and how, the reality is that some advice never hurts to help us choose a good outfit when we buy little things that we no longer know how to combine later.

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Platform shoes with outfits for spring

Wear them with culottes

These pants are our favorites because they are super fresh and they go well with a tank top, a body or a crop. In addition to providing an elegant and youthful appearance, they are perfect with platforms. We advise you to wear them with espadrilles or sandals, another excellent option is to go for platform tennis shoes for a sportier look and perfect for a Sunday outing.

Combine them with short dress

Nothing screams “spring” like an outfit made up of a short dress (especially one with straps). What platforms can you combine it with? with jute-style sandals, huaraches with short straps or canvas slippers (we advise you to go for shantungs).

Outfit with denim shorts

Shorts are the favorite garment on hot days, so don’t hesitate for a second to take them out of your wardrobe to combine them with a beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse or a white t-shirt for a super basic look. The ideal platforms for these outfits are tennis shoes and strap sandals.

Platform footwear that yes or yes you must have

Even if you are one of the girls who are not such fans of platform shoes, the reality is that today they have become a trend that opens up a range of possibilities to create incredible looks. Dare to join the platform club and bet on including in your collection these basics that will go perfect with any outfit.

platform tennis

These will help you wear sporty outfits as well as give your looks a soft touch.

platform sandals

Sandals (in any of its presentations) are basic footwear that you must have in your possession. Add a girly plus to your outfits by betting on platform sandals.


Sister, sneakers should NEVER be missing from your shoe collection, especially ones with platforms because these (in addition to helping you with your height) are the perfect partner for a cocktail event or a formal outfit.

Accessories to complement your look

Accessories are our best friends because they can make a big difference when it comes to showing off an outfit in a spectacular way. The ones that we believe fit perfectly with the platforms are these, although we remind you that you can use the ones that you like the most and that suit your look.

vintage glasses

This model of glasses is our favorite because it gives us a vintage and feminine aspect to the looks. If you are a fan of the 40s or 50s, you will love wearing these as an accessory.

small baguette bag

Although we’re not big fans of these bags because we can’t turn them into Hermione Granger’s infinity bag, we can’t deny that they look very cute. Imagine them in a short flowered dress, uff, we already saw each other.

wide brimmed hats

In addition to helping you protect yourself from the sun’s rays and protecting your skin, this accessory is perfect to wear on a picnic to match a nice and fresh dress.

platform shoe accessories

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Now that you know these tips to look amazing with your platform shoes (and that we make it super clear to you why we love these shoes), we want to hear from you. Are you a fan of these shoes?

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