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Poetso makes beautiful screenshots for Twitter tweets, making it easier to share content

Perhaps it is limited by the number of words. Compared with other platforms, it is easier to see useful posts on Twitter, and write the key points directly without too much nonsense. If you encounter good content and want to share it on Facebook, Instagram or other It is a pity that Twitter can only repost the URL, and you still need to go back to the original post page to view it. At this time, you may wish to convert the Twitter tweet into a screenshot that is better-looking and easier to share, such as the previously recommended “Tuigram Sharing Twitter tweets to IG limited-time dynamics or posts, with three built-in color styles” is very useful, but users don’t necessarily want to download an additional app for this.

This article will introduce ““is a free online tool I recently discovered. The main function is to convert Twitter, LinkedIn or Shopify content into good-looking screenshots. You can adjust the color, light and dark background, display relevant information and image size. If you want to share tweets to other The platform is very easy to use, and the original author’s photo, name, date and time information will be clearly displayed on the picture. These operations do not need to install any additional software, just open the browser. has a very recommended function to quickly adjust the size and shape of the picture by dragging. If it is shared to Facebook, it may use a horizontal picture, and the Instagram limited-time feed prefers a vertical picture! If you want to share Twitter and LinkedIn posts on other platforms, you can use to convert them into pictures. It will be more convenient for others to browse, but this service is limited to public posts.

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After opening the website, paste the Twitter, LinkedIn or Shopify link on the top column, and the relevant information will be displayed in the preview function in the middle if the relevant information is captured correctly.


There is a row of function menus below. From left to right, they are color adjustment, information card (text) color matching, whether to display the number of replies, text size, copy to scrapbook, and download and save pictures.

Try adjusting the background of the picture and the color of the information card. You can also choose whether to display the number of replies and the size of the text. During the adjustment process, a preview will be displayed in real time, and the produced picture is also very textured!


There are circles on the four sides of the picture to drag and modify the size and shape of the picture.

During the adjustment process, the pixel unit of the length and width of the picture will also be displayed, which is very useful for making pictures of a specific size.


Finally, click “Download” in the lower right corner to download the picture in PNG format. If you want to use it quickly in other editors, you can also click Copy to copy the picture to the clipboard.


The picture below is a screenshot of a Twitter tweet made with It looks very textured and easy to read, but it is only applicable to the case of a single post! Other replies or if the original content is in video format, you still have to go back to the original tweet to browse and play.

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. converts Twitter, LinkedIn and Shopify feeds into image format
  2. Customizable colors, shades, number of replies and text size
  3. Adjust the shape of the screenshot by dragging, and display the length and width of the picture synchronously


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