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Protect your hair from the rain with these tips

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The rain here regularly falls in buckets from the sky. Sitting inside when it rains is a nice feeling, but sometimes you really have to leave the house at such a moment. Because we don’t always have the weather with us, that often results in a haircut that doesn’t make us very happy. Rain may be good for the plants, but it is a crime for our hair. And there is nothing more annoying than trying your best on your haircut and once outside it turns out that all the effort has been for nothing. Therefore, if rain is forecast, you better be prepared to avoid disaster scenarios. Fortunately, hair disasters can be avoided with a few handy hacks. In this article, I’ll tell you how best to get through a rainy day for you and your hair. The chance of a shower is always present, so read on!

7x tips protect yourself from the rain

1. Choose the perfect hairstyle

The best way to make sure your hair won’t suffer from the weather is to choose a haircut that is rainproof. Think of a high, tight bun, a braid or a ponytail. Use a little bit of hairspray or gel, so that it stays tight and neat and you don’t suffer from fluffy tufts. A hair band is also a good idea. Such a wide one that definitely covers the first few inches of your hair. Impossible to ruin, easy and it looks nice too! A smart haircut is guaranteed to get you through the day.

2. The right hair products

Rain is one of the causes of frizzy and curly hair, and you want to avoid that. Therefore, only use products that protect against moisture. Besides the fact that rain can ruin your haircut, the humidity is also a huge culprit. Putting a little argan oil, a serum or other anti-frizz product in your hair is a good idea. Hairspray is also always a good product to protect your hair. It is difficult for moisture to pass through here. The right hair products are therefore a must. It is also important to know that it is not advisable to go out with washed hair on a day with a lot of rain. Freshly washed fluffs a lot easier and to avoid that, it is better to wash your hair a day in advance.

3. Sea-salt spray

Another super handy remedy for frizz and curls is sea salt spray. This hair product is usually used for a beach look, but it also works well to protect your hairstyle. The salt in this makes your hair a bit stiffer and ensures that it stays in place. Even with rainy weather!

4. Wear a cap or hat

Protect yourself and your hair from the rain and look stylish at the same time? This can be done very simply by wearing a cap or hat. These accessories were already seen a lot in the fashion world last year, and this year too it is your best friend to protect you during a bad day. Preventing your hair from getting wet and fluffing will help you get through the day in style and also protect your make-up reasonably well. Side note: these tips are not so suitable when it is very windy.

5. Well dressed for the rain

If you know to expect a downpour, you’d better be prepared for it. Therefore, make sure that you always have (one of) the following items at hand, so that you can handle the unexpected rain showers and you never have to get through the day with wet hair and clothes. First the umbrella. As standard, take a (small) umbrella with you in your bag, because that is so nice when it rains. It not only keeps your hair dry, but also your clothes. The same goes for a rain poncho. Who doesn’t know the good old poncho? These thin, plastic capes are available as a disposable version as well as in a sturdier material.

A rain suit is also super handy to have. Just put it on and pull the hood tight, because that way you protect your hairstyle the best. Another good alternative is a good, water-repellent winter coat. There is so much fun to be found in the collections that there is always a jacket for you that is completely in line with the latest trends, is nice and warm and fits well. Is your jacket not completely waterproof? Then buy a spray with which you can spray your winter coat so that it does not absorb the rainwater. Ideal!

6. A brush or comb

Wet hair also tends to get tangled. Therefore, dry your towel first with a towel, before you run a comb or brush through it. Then you can safely comb it out. Preferably use a wooden brush or a wide-tooth comb and start at the ends of your hair. This ensures the least amount of damage and stately and frizzy hair. It is also important that you have bobby pins and hair elastics at hand. Then you can always choose to put your hair up if it got wet.

7. Go for the wet look

Of course you can also just accept that it rains and adapt to it. Not a raindrop that destroys your haircut if you already make a wetlook haircut yourself. You do this by combing your hair back tightly. All you need is a hairspray or some gel or wax to style it further. Also recommended if your hair is a bit greasy. Even when it rains, your hair will look super fashionable!

And for the rest all I can say is: good luck!


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