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Ray Ban glasses: brand history, how to distinguish original accessories

Ochki Ray Ban - Ray Ban glasses: brand history, how to distinguish original accessories

The history of the world famous eyewear brand Ray Ban began in the summer of 1929. Initially, the trademark was called Bausch & Lomb, and the company received its current name only in the spring of 1937. Then, by order of the leaders of the US Air Force, the creators of the brand developed special Aviator lenses for pilots’ glasses for the military. These lenses were able to protect pilots from blinding sunlight. It is worth noting that the Large Metal model for military pilots, which can be ordered on the ray ban website, has been quite popular for 80 years and is used by many pilots.

In the 30-50s of the last century, Ray Ban created products for the military sphere of the United States. In the post-war period, the world famous manufacturer began to produce glasses for other areas, in particular, for representatives of the world of music and fashion. Thus, the Wayferer model was created, which laid the foundation for the global fame of the brand. This accessory has become very popular among Hollywood movie stars. Since then, Ray Ban’s popularity and fame has steadily grown, and now these glasses are a model of high quality, excellent design, which retains its own unique style.

Key features of original accessories

Nowadays, Ray Ban glasses are very popular, and at the same time, Chinese lovers of fakes make almost perfect copies of them, and for this reason it is very important to be able to find original branded accessories.

So, how to distinguish real Ray Bans from a copy:

  • The cost of original glasses is at least 800-900 hryvnia – everything that is cheaper is a copy.
  • It is necessary to check the lenses for the transmission of ultraviolet rays using a diopter. Ray-Ban originals offer 98-100% UV protection.
  • The color of the original lenses is green, and if there is even a little light green, you have a fake in front of you.
  • If one lens differs even by 1 millimeter from the other, then they want to sell you a copy.
  • Glasses should not be directly perpendicular to the frame, but slightly curved on the inside.
  • The lenses should be at a slight angle and not parallel to the face.
  • On the right bow there should be an engraving – Ray Ban MADE IN ITALY TM CE.
  • There should be a logo on the right lens in the upper corner.
  • The bolts are coated with a special paint, and if it peels off or wears off when unscrewing, this is a copy. And the fasteners themselves should not lose their shape even for a fraction of a millimeter.
  • In appearance, the bridge on the bridge of the nose should be like a question mark and be able to change shape when bent.
  • The bridge of the nose should be engraved something like “Ray Ban 56 (lens size) – 15 (bridge width)”.

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