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rDrop is a simple and fast P2P file transfer service, no compression and no file size limit

If you want to quickly transfer files between different devices on the same network, many people may think of using instant messaging software such as LINE, Messenger! In fact, there is a better way, which is not only faster and easier to operate, but also does not require additional software installation, and will not be limited by file size and quantity, that is, through P2P file transfer tools, and there are currently many online services that can do this in Different devices use browsers to transfer files. As long as the sender selects the file and generates a code or QR code, the other party can use the same service to obtain the file. The advantage is that it does not need to be uploaded and hosted on a third-party server, and it also prevents the file from being obtained by others.

This article will introduce “rDrop“is a simple and fast P2P file transfer service. After opening the webpage, there are only two functions: sending files and receiving files. When the sender drags the file to the rDrop webpage, a set of random codes and QR codes will be generated. It is very simple to allow both parties to start transferring files! Like other tools of the same type, rDrop operates through a browser, without installing additional software or extending functions, but it needs to keep the webpage open when uploading files.

rDrop is just a bridge to transfer files between different devices, so there is no limit on the size and quantity of files. More importantly, the files are not uploaded to the remote server to prevent the files from being obtained by a third party. If you are worried, it is recommended to compress them first Compress the software and add password protection. Friends who need to transfer files can try it, or it can also be used to transfer files from mobile phones to computers, or from computers to mobile phones or tablets.


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The person who wants to upload the file first opens the rDrop website, drags the file to the “Drop Files Here” column on the left (or clicks and finds the file to share).



A set of random codes and QR codes will be generated immediately. At this time, click “Copy” on the right side of the code to copy it and send it to the recipient (remember that the web page cannot be closed).



After the recipient opens the rDrop website, paste the code on the “Receive Files” on the right or scan the QR code to complete the link between the two devices.



Then the file transfer will start! Remember that the two devices must be in the same local area network (or Wifi) environment. After completion, click the download button on the right to save the file. Because it is the same network, the transmission speed is very fast, and there are almost no restrictions.


The file transferer will also see the progress and status of the current file transfer. If they want to send more files, they can drag the files in and continue the transfer.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. rDrop is a simple and fast P2P file transfer service, transfer and receive files through the browser
  2. The operation method is simple, no additional download or installation of software is required, and there is no file size limit
  3. Unlike general free space, files will not be uploaded and hosted on third-party servers

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