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Recipes with fruit teas for this summer

Recipes with fruit teas for this summer

Chileans are fans of tea, and regardless of the time or temperature of the day, it is a drink that they consume daily, even during spring and summer. An ideal time to enjoy it in a different and original way.

This is how black tea with fruit will be the trend for this 2023. “The flavors that will be present this season are the combinations of strawberry-kiwi, rosehip-berries, mango-pineapple, and cherry. Very fresh blends that can be enjoyed in different versions”, says Solange Treguear, Sommelier of Té Basilur in Chile.

The specialist also adds that “Basilur’s Magic Fruits collection is full of colour, aromas and fruit flavors, which, in addition to being prepared in a traditional way, can create different Ice Teas and also ice cream bars to take advantage of all the benefits of black tea, but in another way, and also cool off on these hot days”.

Two Fresh Fruity Black Tea Recipes

If you are a lover of black tea and enjoy it throughout the year, we share two ideal recipes to continue delighting you with its flavor, aroma and fruit combinations.

Ice Tea 100% Natural

To prepare a good iced tea, you just have to infuse in a 250 ml cup, 2 tea bags of the fruit flavor that you like the most, for 5 to 8 minutes so that it is well concentrated. Important is that the water does not exceed 95 ° degrees.

Once ready, let cool in the fridge, or transfer to another cup filled with ice. You can also add orange or apple slices, mint leaves and now you can enjoy a 100% natural and refreshing drink!

Homemade ice cream bars with fruity tea

If you want to enjoy this drink in a different way, then you can innovate and make some delicious ice cream popsicles with your favorite tea from Basilur’s Magic Fruits collection.

All you have to do is infuse two bags of the tea you have chosen in a cup. Let cool or add ice to speed up the process. If you want you can sweeten (optional) your infusion with allulose, teaspoon of honey or sweetener.

Then pour the infusion into popsicle molds or ice cube trays, add pieces of fruit and freeze for at least 8 hours. Before it is 100% curdled, introduce wooden sticks. Once ready, unmold and enjoy. Another option to prepare an ice cream with your favorite tea is to pour all the ingredients into a blender and then place the mixture in the molds.

Refresh yourself this summer with Basilur’s Magic Fruits collection and its original flavors!

More information at and at @basilurtea.chile

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