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RemoveBG is a free AI remover, which can automatically remove the background of pictures in three simple steps

removebg dev 1 - RemoveBG is a free AI remover, which can automatically remove the background of pictures in three simple steps

RemoveBG The function of this tool is explained in big words on the homepage, that is, “Remove picture background for free”. Through the powerful AI technology, users no longer need to spend a lot of time and focus on picture editing software for pictures in the traditional way. Manual background removal, technically these tasks can be automatically processed by the program, and perhaps better background removal effects can be obtained in some pictures (some more complex materials may not be necessarily), I have also introduced many free online background removal before. Tools, users can also compare, and sometimes need to find the option with the best processing effect from different services.

After the user opens the RemoveBG website, there will be a simple three-step guide: select the picture to be memorized, upload the picture to memorize, download and save the picture to be memorized, and you are done! very simple. Even so, there are many open source projects behind RemoveBG. If you are interested, you can go to the GitHub page for more instructions. The developer also said that this tool was inspired by “restorePhotos uses AI to repair old photos, solve facial blur, resolution Bad Issues,” a free service that helps users fix their photos.

I tried throwing a few photos to RemoveBG to automatically memorize them. This service is fully automatic. You don’t need to register or log in to an account. You just upload the pictures and it’s done. This also means that there are not many customizable editing options (in fact, Really not at all), but the disadvantage is that the size of the picture will be limited to a maximum of 600px, which may be more useful for small pictures! If you want a large picture, you may need to find other services.


Upload the picture to RemoveBG to automatically remove the background


After opening the RemoveBG website, click “Upload” and you will see the following screen, drag and drop the image file to be backed to the webpage to upload automatically.



After the upload is complete, the image will be displayed on the web page, click “Done” below to start removing the background.



It only takes a few seconds to automatically remove the back. After the completion, you can drag the middle axis to compare the difference between the pictures before and after the back. If there is no problem, click “Download” to save and download the picture. However, as mentioned earlier, the maximum size is 600px , exceeding will be automatically reduced.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Use powerful AI technology to allow users to complete picture removal in a short time
  2. Just three simple steps, select the picture, upload it, download and save it, and you can get the picture behind it
  3. Working with multiple open source projects, developers can find more information on the GitHub page

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