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Retoucher online back removal tool, supports batch processing and can upload up to 100 sheets at a time

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Touching up It is an online background removal tool. Users only need to drag and drop photos to the website, and they can quickly, easily and automatically remove the background without installing any software. It is suitable for people, products, cars or various patterns.Another feature is Retoucher supports batch processingif you want to quickly process multiple photos at a time, there is no problem. You can upload up to 100 photos at the same time at a time, which is very efficient when there are many photos. There is also a manual editing mode for pictures that cannot automatically clear the background. You can use the editor to make detailed adjustments.

Retoucher is especially suitable for e-commerce or online salespersons. As long as you take a photo of the product on a solid color background, after uploading the photo, you can remove the background perfectly, add a new background, use a transparent background or add a shadow.Retoucher also has various common editing functions such as adjusting image size and adding text.neither need to hire a professional photographer or designer, nor buy or learn Photoshop professional drawing software, just a few simple steps to complete professional, high-quality photos.

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However, it should be noted that Retoucher only provides a “one per day” quota for the free plan (it was three photos earlier). If you process more photos, you can pay to upgrade to the Pro or Business plan, which can increase the quota to 50 and 1000 respectively. Zhang, there are also items with a single-payment purchase limit in the plan, and the more you buy, the cheaper the unit price.

In my article “Recommended 29 Free Online Retouching Tools, Automatically and Quickly Remove Photo Backgrounds”, I have introduced the popular retouching services that are often seen on the Internet today. It seems that there is no reason to pay for Retoucher unless you If you particularly prefer a certain feature of the service, or think batch processing is really useful, you can consider paying for it.

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After opening the Retoucher website, drag the photo to be processed to the dotted box, or click “Upload one or multiple images“Find the photo file that you want to memorize. It should be noted that the free plan (no registration) only has one image processing limit per day.

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After uploading, the background will be automatically removed, which takes about five seconds to complete. The speed is very fast. Go to the back and select a template from the right to quickly bring in the background. Most of them are product-related templates, which are quite useful for online sales. Click on the picture below “Edit“Enter the editing mode, if you are satisfied with the effect, click “Download“Download directly to the photo behind (the background will become a transparent image).

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In the editing mode, you can manually remove some subtle parts that may not be removed by the AI ​​automation program, or adjust the image size, add text content, etc., which is very convenient for people who do not have image editing software at hand.Download” to download and save the processed image.

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Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Retoucher is an online back removal tool that uses AI artificial intelligence technology to automatically remove the background of pictures
  2. Support batch editing function, upload up to 100 images at a time
  3. With editor to adjust image size, replace background template or add text content

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