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Russia has its own browsers, not only from Yandex. Which ones can be used

Russia has its own browsers, not only from Yandex.  Which ones can be used

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Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation and the portal “Public Services” recommend that Internet users from Russia use domestic web browsers. To justify this advice, organizations cite the work of local certificate authorities that ensure safe web surfing. Some of our sites in the near future will be able to open only through Russian browsers. These structures recommend paying attention to Yandex.Browser or Atom from However, in order to decide on the choice of application, it also makes sense to try Sputnik and Uran from the uCoz platform. Despite the fact that all options are based on the Chromium engine, it will not be difficult to decide on favorites.

Yandex browser

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

A branded browser from the domestic information giant, which becomes its face on any platform. Yes, like other options in this collection, this one is built on the Chromium engine. But the developers have so thoroughly reworked its appearance that it will be difficult to recognize the prototype in it, if it comes out. By the way, the Yandex proprietary voice assistant named “Alice” is integrated into the browser. First, it will help you transfer bookmarks and other data from Chrome or another browser, then you can flexibly customize the application for yourself. In the “adult” version, dynamic backdrops for the main page look great. Supports extensions from the Google store. There is a translation of video and text on images.

The mobile version of the browser, which is easy to use, should be noted separately. It is a multifunctional application with a lot of additional features. In addition to standard Internet surfing, here, for example, there is Alice’s Smart Camera. It identifies objects that fall into the viewfinder and searches for them directly in Yandex. There is also support for translating texts on the fly from shop signs, menus or other objects. Using the same tool will automatically solve mathematical problems. But the most memorable feature is Poetry. She searches the Internet for thematic poems based on objects that fall into the frame. There are some very funny ones.


  • synchronization of bookmarks and other data between devices;
  • reliable built-in password manager;
  • control with the help of the voice assistant “Alice”;
  • possibility of flexible settings.


  • an abundance of features can distract from the content;
  • a clear emphasis on Yandex services.


Platforms: Windows, Android.

Atom turned out to be a rethinking of the Amigo browser, the project of which was simply closed by back in 2018. Of course, some interesting solutions from the prototype migrated to the new solution, but, in general, the company tried to create a fresh project from scratch. By analogy with Yandex.Browser, the main goal of Atom is to provide users with the simplest possible access to all platforms owned by VK (the company was previously called This, among other things, applies to VKontakte services, including listening to music without the need to visit the corresponding section of the site. Do not forget about the voice assistant “Marusya”, which will make it possible to search for information on the Internet using voice queries.

When you launch the browser for the first time, you are palpably surprised at the abundance of features that are literally crammed into all corners of the interface. This is quite distracting from the content being viewed, but almost everything that is not needed can be turned off. The mobile version of the browser has data synchronization with the desktop, as well as branded built-in services, the applications of which do not have to be installed separately. If you want to focus specifically on your favorite content, you can activate the total minimalism mode with only the address bar and viewing area. It’s a pity to try all this will be released only on Windows and Android – applications for Apple devices are not provided.


  • synchronization of bookmarks and other data between devices;
  • control with the help of the voice assistant “Marusya”;
  • mini-applications “Food”, “Work” and “Taxi” without the need for a separate installation;
  • minimalistic mode without additional features.


  • an abundance of features can distract from the content;
  • a clear focus on services owned by VK;
  • The browser cannot be used on Apple technology.


Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android.

Sorry, official support for the app has ended. But the Sputnik interface is instantly recognizable. Apart from the small quick action bar on the left side of the screen, this is a typical Chromium with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails. Unlike Yandex.Browser and Atom, there are much fewer improvements here. However, if you want to get an analogue of Google Chrome, which is included in the register of Russian applications and will definitely not be blocked in the country, the option is not bad. Plus, it is important to understand that browser developers offer not only a custom assembly, but also a corporate one, which includes additional features.

Of course, Sputnik also could not do without a mobile application. Since in this case the developers simply did not have the initial “blank” in the form of Chromium, they had to noticeably more difficult. The interface of the program looks rather rough, but useful features for exploring the Internet, including voice control, are in place. Many will also find it useful to be able to save pages for offline viewing in delayed reading format. It’s bad that it’s no longer worth waiting for new interesting features from developers. On January 31, 2022, they officially stopped supporting the browser – while they retain access to the latest versions of distributions with their developments, but no more.


  • lack of an abundance of branded services, like previous applications;
  • user-friendly interface, which many are accustomed to on Google Chrome.


  • browser support is officially stopped;
  • rather rough design of the mobile application;
  • minimum differences from the standard Chromium in the desktop version.


Platform: Windows.

Corporate browser from uCoz. About ten years ago, many of us created our first free sites on the platform that this office offered. For them, in fact, this web surfing tool was created. Other than a couple of tweaks for uCoz project administrators, otherwise you have an almost exact copy of Chromium without tangible additions. However, the URAN developers don’t really hide it – but what’s there, even the browser’s icon itself did without tangible changes. In principle, an option if Google Chrome is closed in Russia. Otherwise, there is no point. Moreover, there is no option even for mobile platforms.


  • chips for uCoz administrators;
  • almost an exact copy of Chromium.


  • no mobile version.

Instead of output: which domestic browser to choose

In general, if you need a browser with Russian roots, it makes sense to choose between the solution of Yandex and Atom from VK. Actually, the question here is only in the ecosystem that a particular user prefers, as well as in additional features that are potentially interesting to each of you. Moreover, it is important to understand that Atom cannot be installed on Apple gadgets. As for Sputnik and URAN, but you should not take them seriously, their description in this case is presented only for information. The first one was abandoned at the beginning of 2022. The second one may be needed only by active users of the uCoz platform – even without this material they know if they really need it.

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