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SaveFrom online YouTube video download tool, also supports FB, IG and TikTok

SaveFrom It is an old-fashioned YouTube video download service. It also supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or various common audio-visual platforms. Last time when introducing SSYouTube, it was mentioned that if you add “ss” in front of the YouTube URL, the download function will be opened , Automatically direct to SaveFrom for downloading, these two websites should be regarded as a cooperative relationship, but the technology used behind them is the same, and the interface is provided in Chinese, and the operation is also very simple, just paste the video link and the downloadable analysis will appear scale and format.

SaveFrom supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, VK,, TikTok, SoundCloud, and Reddit. The online video download tool is a very convenient feature that can help users download online videos or music for free. Additional software or applications need to be installed, and it can be operated through a browser.

If you find that SaveFrom cannot save the online video you need, you can also refer to “2023 latest 28 YouTube video download tool recommendations, online conversion to MP4 / MP3 without installation” to try other alternatives, if you encounter private videos, need Login to view, then you must use video download software, such as Vividl, Downie or YT Saver, is there any other useful online video download software? Suggestions are welcome.


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The operation method of SaveFrom is very simple. Just copy and paste the link of the video page, and the website will automatically analyze and obtain the video content available for download. For example, open the YouTube video page and copy the URL.



Go back to SaveFrom and paste the link, click “Download” and the video thumbnail, title and length will appear.


Find various video formats and resolutions that can be saved from the “Download” button. YouTube videos with sound only have 720p and 320p MP4 files. Select the top two options to download. If it is a silent video, the highest 1080p is available. There will also be WebM. After selecting the file to download, it will start saving. It is very simple, but the download speed will be a bit slow at the beginning.



It is also very simple to download other online videos. For example, the video dynamics that are often seen on Instagram are the same as copying the URL of the post, returning to the website to paste the link, and clicking download to get the download link. IG videos can only be saved in MP4 format.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. SaveFrom is an old-fashioned online video download tool, supporting 12 audio-visual platforms such as YouTube
  2. Copy and paste the URL to save the video file, providing different resolution and format options
  3. Adding ss in front of the YouTube video URL can also quickly open the SaveFrom download function

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