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Second-hand clothing: where and why to buy it

Second hand clothing where and why to buy it - Second-hand clothing: where and why to buy it

Second-hand clothing has arrived as a super ecological alternative that allows us to buy clothes with the three b’s, wear incredible outfits and take care of the planet all at the same time. Join this movement and check these places where you will surely find basics that your closet needs.

Second-hand fashion: tips to make the most of it

Where to buy second-hand clothes in CDMX?

Well they say that what is no longer useful to you can be a treasure for someone else and the second hand clothes are the best example of this. This has become a favorite of many of us because, in addition to being an alternative to combat fast fashion and its impact on the environment, it gives us the chance to give someone else’s clothes a second life.

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And it is that many times the clothes that we can find are in perfect condition, super affordable prices and fashionable, how are we not going to love them?

Benefits of buying second hand clothes

The advantages of wearing secondhand clothes are many and we list them below to convince you to join #teamsecondhand:

  • It allows you to wear unique pieces: although it was once in the store, it is no longer in the store and this offers you the advantage of being one of the few girls who wear the same garment.
  • You can create a unique style: and it is that by finding unique pieces you can give free rein to your imagination to create a style that no one else has.
  • Help your pocket: there are many places that offer these clothes for very affordable amounts, you can find bazaars where they even offer clothes from $10 pesos (mxn).
  • You support an enterprise: this action has become the way of undertaking many girls and it is super pleasant to help them grow.

benefits of buying second hand clothes

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Our favorite bazaars and places

We come to what he brought us, so if you are about to buy clothes but you don’t know where to do it, check out these places where we assure you you will find the bargains and offers of your life.

Tianguis Polakeño: in the vicinity of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UNAM you can find the students undertaking. On the esplanade of the faculty you can find several stalls where, in addition to food, accessories and stationery, you will surely find the coolest clothes in all of CU.

Market stall: although this is not a bazaar as such, it is well worth taking a look around the market as several merchants sell this type of clothing. Unlike the paca, these little stalls have few clothes and you don’t have to fight to show them for something, they generally show their products and show you their offers, we have found little gems like basic t-shirts, shorts and sweaters from $50 mxn.

La paca: the paca stalls are another place where you can find unique garments at a good price. We recommend you arrive super early so you can choose the coolest and cheapest clothes.

our favorite thrift stores

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The best second hand bazaars

I only have 100 pesos: if you, like us, only have 100 wands to spend, you will love this bazaar. This project originally from Tijuana arrives once again at CDMX, the appointment is next March 31, April 1 and 2 at Rébsamen 203 in Narvarte. You can find them from 11 am to 6 pm, admission is free. Don’t miss his updates at @solotengo100pesitos.cdmx.

Tiangucci: We had already told you about this place back in December and the reason why we recommend it again is because we swear that here you will even find what you were not looking for. Take advantage of their new edition this March 25 and 26 at Foro Tonalá and be sure to follow them on the networks to keep an eye on their publications @tiangucci_cdmx and on Facebook as Club Vintage.

Now that you know about sustainable fashion and you know the reasons why we are fans of second-hand clothes, tell us what day we go shopping.

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