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Short dresses for the heat and how to wear them

Short dresses for the heat and how to wear them - Short dresses for the heat and how to wear them

Short dresses are our best option to wear incredible outfits on these hot days. The models and designs that we can find are infinite, but today we will tell you which are our favorites to achieve a top outfit with which you feel comfortable and fresh.

Casual short dresses to receive spring

The best short dresses to wear in the hot season

Dress with straps

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These types of dresses are perfect for hot days as they are a very fresh and highly feminine model that allow us to show our little shoulders in a flirtatious way; For those of us who love makeup, this is a great advantage since the shoulders are a good place to apply a bit of highlighter to help us achieve a very glowy look.

The perfect footwear for this type of dress are low sandals or pointy ballerinas.

short dresses with straps


with lantern sleeve

The lantern sleeve is a very popular element in current garments, dresses with this sleeve design are super trendy and that is one of the reasons why we think they are perfect for this spring season. You can find these in dresses with a flare, with floral prints, with a romantic cut, etc. The accessories and footwear you choose will depend on the model of the dress and the look you want to achieve, however, our advice is that you bet on a baguette bag, gold jewelry and low-heeled sandals.

short dresses with puff sleeves


square neck dress

For girls who love romantic outfits, this type of dress is the best option to wear during spring. What do we advise you to complement your look with? If you are a fan of high heels, bet on stilettos in a nude tone so that they combine with any color and model of your dress. You can also bet on low Spartan-style sandals, complemented with a wide-brimmed hat and a bow hairstyle.

square neck


With sweetheart neckline

If you are looking for a neckline that is super girly and aesthetic, then yes or yes you should bet on a dress with this shape. This model also opts for a romantic look, which is why it is the perfect option for a picnic date or a walk in the park. Our advice is to wear it with white tennis shoes and complement it with a gold chain to decorate your neck.

sweetheart neckline dress


Tank Dress

Those looking for a sport outfit that is youthful, helps to frame the silhouette and at the same time provides elegance, comfort and a lot of freshness should bet on a tank. These dresses are perfect with sneakers but also look amazing with low sandals or heels. Our favorite accessories to complement this outfit are a gold chain and bracelet, sunglasses and a baguette bag.

short tank dress


You no longer have excuses for not wearing your short dresses this spring. Remember that these are only recommendations and suggestions for use, because you are free to combine them and use them with what you like best, the important thing will always be that you feel comfortable because you already are beautiful.

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