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Short io is a free shrink URL service with customizable domain name

If you often need to shorten the URL and convert it to a short link, you just need to choose the URL shortening service you are used to. For example, I am recommending “2023 latest 14 free URL shortening services, shortening URL and traffic statistics function” One article will sort out all kinds of common and commonly used services. Another method is to use browser extensions to quickly generate shortened URLs with one click. For example, Url Shortener can quickly send the current webpage URL to tinyurl, or, etc. Shorten the URL service, and then convert it into a short link, copy it to the clipboard at the same time, and support the URL shortening service that can customize the domain name.

This article will introduce ““is a short URL that can be shortened by using a custom domain name. Simply put, it is a shortened URL that can be bound to a URL. Most of the shortened URL services today no longer provide such a free function. If you have your own If you want to use the URL as a brand shortened URL, you may have the ability to customize the domain name in addition to paying for an upgrade plan. Otherwise, you have to find a way to set up a shortened URL service. It may be a little more difficult, but relatively speaking, it will be relatively easy. Save money (just follow-up maintenance or management has to invest time costs). provides a free plan with 5 customizable domain names, which can generate a total of 1,000 branded URLs. There is no limit on the number of visitors. If you need to upgrade the paid plan in the future, you can cancel the number of generated URLs, but Most of the advanced features (such as corresponding to different URLs by country and region, automatic link expiration, URLs with clicks limit, hidden source or password protection) need to be turned on for paid upgrades, but the most basic custom domain name, personalization The shortened URL can be used in the free plan, which is the same as the “Cuttly free shortened URL service that provides custom domain name and link suffix function” recommended some time ago.

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After opening, create an account first. When registering, you can use Email or log in with Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts.


Then select the domain name to be used for the short URL. Here, first select “Free Trial”, which is the free URL provided by for testing. After learning a little about the interface and functions, add your own domain name. If you don’t have one Domain names can also be purchased through Generally speaking, this is not recommended. After registering with other domain name registrars and setting DNS, you can use as a short URL service. For URLs The handling flexibility is also relatively high.


After registration, return to the console. There will be some sample URLs by default to help users get familiar with and understand the operation interface. If you want to generate a short URL, just paste the link in the URL shortening function above to generate it. short links.


Because the custom URL provided by is only for testing, you still need to add your own domain name according to the instructions. At this time, you can click the prompt setting above and select the URL for the short link. If the user is already in To register with other registrars and obtain a URL, select the “Add My Domain Name” option here.

Just follow the instructions of when joining.


Next, set the CNAME record of the domain name DNS. You need to correspond to the record according to the instructions. If you have some concepts about the domain name, it should not be too difficult. This is also when the network service binds your own domain name. necessary steps that need to be taken.


After binding the domain name, you can use to generate the shortened URL forwarding of the custom URL. It is mentioned that some features may require paid upgrades to use.

STEP 7 has a complete traffic statistics page like other URL shortening services. You can see the total clicks, traffic sources, URLs, countries with the most visitors, most broken links, most browsers and referral sources, etc.

There are also more detailed settings in the domain name setting section. has many functions and will not introduce details. If you need to generate a personalized shortened URL with your own URL, you can register and bind a domain name to try it out. In fact, It is not too difficult to operate, and the functions are still complete. More importantly, the simplified Chinese interface is simpler and easier to use. Others such as the API chaining function make it easier to create shortened URLs on websites and applications. .

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. URL shortening service offers a free plan with customizable domain names
  2. The free version plans 5 custom domain names, and can generate a total of 1,000 branded URLs
  3. It has various functions such as traffic statistics and analysis, and more advanced options require paid upgrades to use

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