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Snaapit extracts Twitter tweet content and converts it to PNG image generator

If you want to share the content of Twitter tweets to other social networking sites, usually you can only use hyperlinks to repost. It may be more convenient to extract and convert the content of the post into pictures, such as reposting to Instagram for limited-time news. , and can also add a link to guide users back to the original tweet to join the discussion interaction. In addition to making pictures with picture capture software or mobile phone screen capture, online tools are also a method, such as “Poetso makes beautiful screenshots for Twitter tweets , it is more convenient to share content” is a very useful tool, which can also adjust the color matching, display style or size of the picture, and it can be used without downloading and installing software.

This article will introduce ““is an online tool for converting Twitter tweets into pictures. The operation method is very simple. Copy the tweet link and paste it on the website to retrieve the content. There are also some basic setting options, including whether to display the verification logo, The date, time and source of the tweet can also be adjusted to bold, dark mode or add a watermark. The best thing is that you can switch between square (1:1) or rectangle (9:16), the latter is suitable for limited time dynamics on IG use.

After editing, you can download the picture in PNG format or copy it to the scrapbook. In the past, some similar services have been unavailable or turned into a subscription system. If you only use it occasionally, you don’t have to pay. You can directly use and Poetso as free alternatives plan.

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After opening the website, paste the Twitter tweet link. Click the “Fetch” button at the back and the post will be displayed below. Remember that Twitter needs public permission to be able to capture the content correctly. If you have to track it, you can see it tweets cannot use this service to generate images.

STEP 2 has some options to adjust, which will be displayed in the preview below when setting, such as whether to display the verification logo, tweet date and time or tweet source, and can also set the picture as square, rectangular, bold, Dark mode or show watermark.


After editing, click the “Download” button below to save the image in PNG format, or click “Copy Image” to copy it to the clipboard, or paste it on other software or Internet services for quick use.


The picture below is a tweet image made with, which looks clear and clear at a glance, and is also very suitable for sharing to other social networking sites.

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. is an online tool for turning Twitter tweets into pictures
  2. Adjustable display style, date time, picture shape, text style or dark mode
  3. Even Chinese or other non-English language content can be displayed correctly without garbled characters


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