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SnapEdit Remove BG uses AI to automatically remove the back of the picture and quickly replace it with other backgrounds

SnapEdit Remove BG uses AI to automatically remove the back of the picture and quickly replace it with other backgrounds

I introduced before that “SnapEdit removes people or objects from photos, and uses AI to automatically identify removable objects.” Maybe you still have the impression that this company’s strength is to help users edit pictures with AI artificial intelligence. As long as the pictures are uploaded, they will be automatically detected. Measure the characters and objects in the photo, remove the possible parts in a perfect state after selection, and add a suitable color background at the same time, the effect is very realistic, and more importantly, it greatly reduces the difficulty of editing, so that anyone can quickly achieve what they want. work done without asking for help from others.

This article recommends the new features of SnapEdit “Remove BG“, which is commonly known as removing the background and removing the background. Through this service, the background can be automatically removed after uploading the picture. Using AI technology, it can automatically identify the main body and background of the photo, and convert it into a transparent background and a single color after removal. Background or apply other photos, no matter the main character of the photo is a person, object or animal, it can have a very good background removal effect.

The SnapEdit Remove BG function saves users a lot of time. These operations are almost fully automatic. The removal of the back through the tool has more accurate and high-quality results, and it can also save expenses. At least there is no need to outsource the work to professionals. edit.

However, SnapEdit has some restrictions on the image size. Although you can download larger size images, you need to pay a small fee if you need HD high-quality images. In comparison, the price of SnapEdit is higher than and AI or, the same type of automatic erasing tools, are more affordable.

SnapEdit Remove BG

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Open SnapEdit’s RemoveBG webpage, click “Upload Image” to find the image file to remove the background, or directly drag and drop the image to the webpage to upload (the website also provides some image samples that can be directly clicked and applied).

SnapEdit Remove BG


After uploading, SnapEdit will use AI technology to automatically identify the foreground and background of the picture, and then remove the background part. By default, it will automatically apply a transparent color background. You can also choose a specific color from the right, and the preview screen will be changed immediately after selection .

SnapEdit Remove BG


Click “Edit Background” to open the background editing function. Here you can also bring other pictures into the background, blur the background, or upload pictures yourself, etc. It is very convenient for you to replace the background with other pictures.

SnapEdit Remove BG

Click “Edit Cutout” in the upper left corner to open the editor, and you can edit the details of the cutout picture. If you encounter a more complicated photo or SnapEdit cannot cut the cutout correctly, you can use the manual editor to adjust.

SnapEdit Remove BG


Click “Download” to download the picture file behind, it is very simple.

SnapEdit Remove BG

If you are in the editor, click the download button in the upper right corner, you can see that the small size and medium size can be downloaded for free, only the largest size needs to be paid to upgrade to Pro to get the file, but it should be paid from the SnapEdit application, The unlocking function is not too expensive in price, friends who need it can research it by themselves.

SnapEdit Remove BG

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Automatic back removal greatly reduces the difficulty of photo editing, allowing anyone to quickly achieve the work they want
  2. Fully automatic operation saves user time and provides precise and high-quality back removal results
  3. In addition to turning the background into a transparent image, you can also add monochrome or any image

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