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SnapEdit removes people or objects from photos, using AI to automatically identify objects that can be removed

SnapEdit It is an online tool that uses AI artificial intelligence technology to quickly remove people and objects in photos. Generally speaking, if you want to remove specific people or objects in a photo, you need to add color to make it look normal and not destroy the picture. Effects, but this usually takes a lot of time and technical editing. Later, machine learning can accurately judge photos, allowing users to quickly remove unwanted people or objects from photos, and the program can automatically remove deleted parts The color can be refilled back, so that the picture still looks natural after removing certain parts.

Different from the same type of tools introduced in the past, SnapEdit will automatically detect the range of characters and objects in the screen, allowing users to quickly select the object to be deleted. If it is a part that is not automatically recognized by the machine, it can still use the normal manual drawing method Fill in, SnapEdit will select after the calculation, and refill the possible background color after clearing. The operation is very simple and there is almost no difficulty.

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After opening the SnapEdit website, click “Upload Image” on the right to select the image to be edited, or directly drag and drop the image to the website (SnapEdit also prepares a few sample images for users to test related functions).



Then the photo will be displayed in SnapEdit. The default is to use the brush (Brush) to draw the part to be cleared, which can be a person or an object. Adjust the thickness of the stroke through the menu on the left, and there is also an adjustment function below to enlarge or reduce the range of the photo.


After drawing the range to be cleared, click “Remove” in the lower left corner to automatically calculate and remove possible objects.



Another more convenient function of SnapEdit is to use artificial intelligence to make automatic judgments. Click “Auto AI” in the upper left corner to switch the automatic detection function, and the detected people or objects will be displayed.


After clicking, the range will be quickly marked. It is very useful for clearing specific people or items. After selecting, press “Remove” to remove it, and at the same time, the blank part after removal will be filled with a specific color.



The picture below is the result of removing the photo characters through SnapEdit. Does it look very realistic?



Finally, select the “Download” in the upper right corner to download the processed results into different sizes. Small and medium sizes can be downloaded for free. If you want to download the largest high-resolution HD size, you need to pay to upgrade the PRO membership.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. SnapEdit uses AI artificial intelligence technology to quickly remove specific people or objects from photos
  2. Provide automatic AI mode to quickly select recognized characters or objects
  3. Download your finished photo in small or medium size for free

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