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Spectre cross-platform cryptographic algorithm solution, passwords are only safe if they do not exist in the cloud

Spectre The homepage reads “We firmly believe that storing passwords in apps, or uploading them all to the cloud is a disaster.The only password that can’t be lost, stolen, or forced by extortion is a password that doesn’t exist‘, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Today, most password management tools claim to store user passwords in encrypted form, but they are likely to be stolen by attackers due to information security incidents. Even with encryption, there are still many risk concerns, so do not store passwords on remote servers. , but it is very inconvenient to use across devices. Is there a more secure password management method?

A long time ago, I wrote an article “Master Password forget your password! Super simple and smart cross-platform password generator”, it is actually an algorithm that uses the master password and username to create a specific password combination, which is matched with the website. The URL becomes a unique password. Users only need to remember their master password and full name to repeatedly calculate the same password, and they can use it without connecting to the Internet or offline. However, there are also disadvantages. If the master password is unfortunately lost, the same group may not be generated. password.

The principle of Master Password is similar to the password generator of “Salty.PW makes your password management easier! Use the master password and the website name to modulate a random password combination” password generator. Salty.PW generates a password based on the base password (Base Password) plus the website name , the latter is slightly simpler, and only the web version is available. Although it is an offline service, it will not upload or record user information, but it is more troublesome to have to open the web page to obtain the password. Unlike Master Password, which can store passwords, every time you boot There is no need to re-enter the master password after that.

At the end of last year, developer Maarten Billemont was on the official website announcement「Spectre will be the Master PasswordThe successor, also a new platform based on the algorithm supporting Master Password, is a completely rewritten, modern software suite that will replace the original software and implement all new features that will be added in the future.Maintenance and development plans will focus on Spectre, and Master Password users are advised to migrate to Spectre.

If you are using the Master Password App on your iPhone / iPad, the transfer will be very simple, just download the Spectre app, open it and import the original data. This part is fully automatic and has almost no operational difficulty. And the new interface just got better.


Unfortunately, Spectre has not yet been fully launched on various platforms (it may take a while), so you can also choose to continue to use Master Password or use the online version “Spectre Web”, which is a version that is still in beta, which can perform Spectre cryptographic algorithm generator functions on the web, andData is 100% offline, not transmitted or stored on any server.

If you want to use a sufficiently secure password combination on each website through Spectre, Spectre Web can help. It is a web-based password generator. After entering the user’s full name and master password, a unique password can be generated to achieve better A safe and reliable password management method, at least the password will not be stored on any server, and you can go back to Spectre at any time to obtain the password you need to log in to the service, which is more secure than relying on cloud-based password management tools.

Spectre Web

use teaching


Open the Spectre Web page interface, you will see the screen for setting the full user name and master password. If you have used Master Password, you will know what it means. In fact, you only need to set any user name and password that you remember. After logging in can generate a password for you, so this can be used as a password management tool, since only the user himself knows the specific combination of real name and master password.


There are four versions of the algorithm part below, if there is no special need, you can maintain the latest V3.

This service is 100% completely offline, so it will not store, transmit or record any string content entered by the user, you can use it with confidence,



After logging in, enter the website domain name to generate a specific password (Site Password), and you can also create various strings such as the website login name (Site Login Name) or the answer to the website security question (Site Security Answer), to achieve a truly powerful , anonymous and hard to guess by others, you can also use the Site Counter below to choose different combinations.



Spectre prepares many password types in advance, such as the most complex password, long password, medium password, short password, basic password, PIN (four digits), name or phrase.



Click the generated password below to quickly copy it, just like the Master Password web version, which is convenient for users to generate various password combinations from the browser, and can also manage the passwords used by different websites, applications or network services, even if there are any Don’t worry about password leakage, because each password is independent, it is difficult to guess other passwords, and it is impossible to push back the user’s name and master password.


Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Spectre is the successor to Master Password, a rewritten, modern password management tool
  2. It will be launched on various platforms in the future. You can use the Spectre web version to generate a password while waiting.
  3. The same password combination can be calculated as long as the username, master password and domain name are the same

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