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SSYouTube is a tool to download YouTube videos to MP4, also supports FB, TikTok

Looking for the right YouTube video downloader? Usually, similar network services or software have integrated the format conversion function. When downloading videos, you can choose different audio and video formats, such as the most common MP4, WEBM, or MP3 that only retains the audio. The operation is not too difficult. Just change the video page to Copy and paste the website URL, the website will analyze and obtain the downloadable video content, users only need to click the format they need to save the video, the whole process is very simple and fast, applicable to various operating systems and devices, through the browser can be used.

This article will introduce “SSYouTube“is a free online video download tool. Although YouTube is in the name, it is not limited to YT and is also applicable to other social networking sites, such as TikTok Douyin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Just paste the video link and SSYouTube will Go to grab the page, and finally display the resolution and format of the downloadable video.

SSYouTube also has a format conversion function, so it can convert YouTube or various website videos into MP4 downloads. The supported video resolutions are SD, HD, FullHD, 2K and 4K. If the video uploaded by the original uploader is 1080p, then download The same resolution video can be obtained when.

In addition, SSYouTube also provides short URLs to quickly download videos. Just add “ss” in front of the YouTube video URL to directly open the online download function. This part is similar to the RipYoutube introduced earlier. If this service is not available, or you can’t find the video format you want to download, you can also refer to another lazy package I compiled “2023 latest 27 YouTube video download tool recommendations, online MP4 / MP3 conversion “Free installation”, there will be more tools to choose from.


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Open the SSYouTube website and paste the video link. After pasting, the target page will be automatically recognized, and the downloadable resolution and format will be displayed. In addition to supporting YT, it can also download videos from other social networking sites.



For example, 720p, 360p MP4 video format, click “Download” to download and save, there are other higher quality videos, but only WEBM format can be downloaded and there is no sound, it is recommended to directly choose 720p video.


Click the download button at the back and it will be downloaded and saved immediately. It is very simple. After downloading, remember to play it first to see if there is any sound and whether the picture is normal.



As mentioned earlier, another simple way to download SSYouTube is to add “ss” directly in front of the YouTube video URL.


It will automatically bring the video to another download tool SaveFrom for download. SSYouTube and SaveFrom are mutually cooperative, so the video formats provided are almost the same, but the interface looks slightly different.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. SSYouTube online download tool to save YouTube videos quickly
  2. Paste the URL to use, also supports Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms
  3. Add “ss” in front of the YouTube video URL to start the downloader

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