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Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro to create a deposit letter PDF template

Sometimes when there is a dispute between the two parties, you will hear “I will deposit the certificate letter to you”.Deposit letter(Legal Attest Letter) is a way to preserve evidence, because it is sent through the post office, and the post office will retain the content of the letter and the date of sending and receiving the letter. The purpose of the letter of deposit is to prove that I have notified the content of the letter to the other party I did receive a letter from the sender stating that the letter of deposit itself does not mean that the sender has the rights he claimed, nor does it mean that the recipient must follow the requirements of the letter. legal channels.

In the Chunghwa Post Global Information Network, you can find the information provided by the post office.deposit letter templatedivided into two formats: PDF and DOCX. Users need to download and edit by themselves. There are format specifications for font size, paragraph line spacing, character spacing widening, and point setting. If you need to write a letter of deposit, you can use the netizen development of”Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro“Online tools can quickly generate certificate deposit letters that conform to the format, without editing and typesetting by yourself.

The Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro will have sender, recipient and copy recipient fields. You may need to add name and detailed address information if necessary. Paste the content of the deposit letter in the body part and click to generate After the file is completed, the relevant information will be brought in and a certificate letter file will be generated in PDF format. It is very easy to use without having to manually open Word for editing.

This service is also an open source project and can be found on GitHubwebsite source codewithcore source code

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro

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After opening the “Taiwan Post Office Certificated Letter Generator” website, you will see the fields of sender, recipient and text, starting with the above information.

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro


Click “Add” to add the sender’s name and detailed address.

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro

Repeat the operation to input all the information of sender, recipient and copy recipient, and modify or delete it if necessary.

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro


Then paste the content of the letter of deposit (Taiwan Post Office’s letter generator Pro will not generate content for you), it doesn’t matter if you can’t write it. There are many websites on the Internet that provide examples of letters of deposit, for example:

After finding a suitable example, you can use it after a little modification. After pasting it on the website, click “Generate File” in the lower right corner to bring in the relevant information and generate a PDF file of the deposit letter. Of course, more complex situations may not necessarily be written by yourself (because there may be some eyebrows), and you need to seek professional assistance from a law firm at this time.

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro


The picture below is the PDF file of the certificate deposit letter created by the generator. You can see that the format conforms to the certificate deposit letter specification, and the relevant information filled in by the user will also be brought into the post office certificate deposit letter paper. The simple method is not You need to open Word to edit and adjust the format yourself. Friends in need can try it.

Taiwan Post Office Deposit Letter Generator Pro

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. The certificate letter generator Pro of the Taiwan Post Office produces a PDF file of the certificate letter that conforms to the format
  2. Quickly generate files by editing sender, recipient, copy recipient and body text directly from the web
  3. Open source code project, website source code, core source code information can be found on GitHub

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