ubuntu install raspberry pi

IOT: How to install ubuntu on 🍒 Raspberry pi

Run ubuntu Linux in raspberry pi , step by step guide Components You Need Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 board A 16GB or more microSD card. HDMI Cable. (for Display / screen) An USB Keyboard. Mouse (optional) Ethernet Cable / wifi connection. Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi. A laptop or desktop computer for installing/flashing Ubuntu image on […]

How to use .AppImage file on 🐧 Linux

How to use .AppImage file on 🐧 Linux

Install / run a software package from AppImage file extension,  all you need to do is make it executable and run it. it is support all modern linux variants / distributions and provides alternative to .deb or .rpm extensions it is like a portable version of software Guide to use the .appimage file By default, […]


unlimited 💯% ( free ) VPN to browse anonymous

Love watching porn. But your ISP/county blocked adult sites, don’t worry, we provide a list of free VPN providers to unblock adult sites.So you could enjoy browsing porn websites. support cross platform : windows, Apple mac, Linux, Android (apk), iPhone-ios & chrome extension’s list of unlimited free vpn without registration / no signup what are […]

ad-block dns for free

Block ads ❌ on your Device using “DNS” Setting ✅

How to Block ad’s while playing game, watching video .. etc. without installing any software and browse free. In Android 9 pie + latest versions.. google introduced a new option called private DNS which is simply dns over transport layer security (DNS over TLS) open, Settings => Network and Internet => Private DNS => Private […]

google pro speech commands

voice search: List of all google assistant command’s

How Many of you Love to say “Hey Google” / “Ok Google” / “Hello google “. here’s the expert tips and tricks to master your Android assistant. use this speech phrases to use amaze your fiends like a pro To explore in assistant yourself just say ; what can you doif google wrongly understand your […]

google pro search - advance query commands

How to Search on google like a pro | advanced search tactics

Use ADVANCED SEARCH OPERATORS / Search shortcut commands to find easily and more effectively in google. search phrase tricks to filter results To find Exact match of the keyword . put it in double quote (” “)”how to search” To exclude a word . put ( – ) before the word hello -world if You can’t […]

Transfer file over WiFi without any app

Transfer file over WiFi without any app

yes, you can transfer files over WiFi without any program / application . it works just by using web browser . it works based on WebRTC protocol (peer to peer – p2p protocol) It is a cross platform you can use in any device Android / ios / windows / Linux . it’s completely open-source […]

teen use Dropbox cdn

Use Dropbox as a cloud hosting for static files

=> Dropbox can act as a CDN , you can use it as image cdn for your site or use to directly download a file or share a file with your friends / viewers step 1: upload your file to Dropbox step 2: click of file and select share option , then copy the share link […]

hide files inside pic image steganography

hide a text or file inside image Ubuntu

Steganography is a process of hiding a file, an image, a video, a text inside another file which is widely used to receive and send digital secret messages.  Let us now see how to hide files inside images in Linux. command to hide a (.txt) text file inside a image (.jpg or .png) $ cat your-pic.jpg […]

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