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The 8 dresses of Thalía that at 51 years old looks very sexy

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Last night the Michelob Ultra Arena of Las Vegas was adorned with the presence of the most resplendent stars in the latin music industry. There were many beauties that paraded through the red carpet and they all looked beautiful, however, there was a specific Mexican who stole the world’s gaze: Thalia. And it is that at 51 years of age she continues to look in an incomparable way iconic outfits and outfits. Do you want to know the costume changes What did this talented woman wear? We present you the 8 Thalia dresses with which he dazzled the 23rd awards gala Latin Grammy 2022.

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The 8 dresses of Thalía that at 51 years old looks very sexy

1 A pronounced neckline

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Thalia has always been characterized by showing off unique, daring and sexy outfits and when he arrived at the gala yesterday he was no exception. Dressed in a beautiful wine-colored fitted dress with a deep V neckline and an opening on one leg from the Dolce & Gabbana brand, the Mexican paraded down the red carpet.

2 Silver dress to present the awards

In company of Anitta, Laura Pausini y Luis Fonsi, Thalia made a grand entrance to welcome the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammy 2022. With a fringed dress of house diamonds Valdrin Sahiti The Mexiaca dazzled with her figure and sensuality.

Thalía wearing a dress with diamond fringes

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3 A daring outfit in black ribbons

We were stunned to see Thalia go on stage in the company of the Brazilian Anitta in a design of Michael Costello with which he gave us a lesson in how to look perfectly sexy at 51. This beautiful and daring design in black was characterized by wrapping the back and chest of the singer’s body in ribbons.

Thalía wearing a black dress with ribbons

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4 A veil dress fit for a Goddess

Another of the outfits with which Thalía stole the night was this design of Ziad Nakad. This long-sleeved silver dress with shoulder pads made the daring personality from the Mexican Within his design we could see applications of rhinestones, transparencies and a beautiful veil that he wore in a cape cut.

Thalía wearing a dress with shoulder pads

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5 A look into the past

One of the favorite looks of the night was definitely this design of Isabella Sanchis that resembled large colored flowers Mexican Rose alluding to the iconic outfits that Thalia used at the beginning of his career and that today he defines as flower powerone of his favorite styles when it comes to dressing.

Thalía wearing a pink dress with flower shapes

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6 A star descended from the firmament

Like the shining star that it is, tonight Thalia she also wore a beautiful and sexy fitted dress with a hip-length leg opening when presenting the number of Chiquis Rivera. The design of this garment that includes appliqués in the form of stars and embroidery with gemstones belongs to the designer Giannina Azar.

Thalía wears a fitted dress with star applications

7 Iridescent green dress

At the cry of “Brazil and my great friend AnittaThalia presented the number To involve of Anitta with a beautiful fitted dress with an asymmetric cut at chest height and iridescent green applications. This outfit was worn perfectly with a long hair straightening.

Thalía wearing an iridescent green dress

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8 Despedia in blue satin

To end the night and say goodbye to this 23rd edition of the awards Latin Grammy 2022 Thalia He came out on stage with a beautiful corset dress with balloon-shaped off-the-shoulder sleeves and a leg opening that showed off her right thigh in blue satin. With this piece he concluded the night, however, not the lesson of how to look and wear sexy long dresses at your 51. We love you Thalia!

Thalía in blue satin dress

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