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The perfect password from a girl that is useless to peep. Install on Android

The perfect password from a girl that is useless to peep.  Install on Android

With the proliferation of fingerprint scanners and other biometric authentication systems, passwords have become ubiquitous. Nevertheless, in some cases they are of little use – for example, in cases where you need to hide some information from curious relatives (what if you want to surprise them?), who are able to peep the PIN code at any time. Be that as it may, it is possible to establish such protection that it is impossible to guess and it is useless to peep. In this article, we find out how to do this.

What password is useless to peep?

One that is constantly changing!

The idea of ​​this entire article is to set a dynamic password that will constantly change due to reference to the current time. That is, the PIN code can be either a specific time at the time of unlocking (for example, at 10:52 the password will be “1052”), or derivatives from it.

In everyday life, the advantage of using a dynamic password is not only that the password cannot be guessed and guessed – in practice, a constantly changing password is convenient because it can be openly entered in front of other people without turning your smartphone away from them (in some situations this may seem impolite or suspicious).

You need to be prepared for restrictions

They are caused by the operating system and utility developers.

There are only 4-5 apps on Google Play and beyond that allow you to set a dynamic password. Almost all of them are so bad that it’s embarrassing to even mention them – they are riddled with ads, require suspicious permissions, and are extremely buggy (if they work at all).

In addition, only one of them was created to protect specific applications, not the entire device, and this is important – due to the peculiarities of Android, such utilities cannot replace the standard lock screen, and therefore they run immediately after it (that is, first you need to remove the standard lock, and then wait for the additional screen to open and enter a dynamic password). In practice, this is extremely inconvenient.

The perfect password from a girl that is useless to peep.  Install on Android

But it makes sense to protect only specific applications on a smartphone with a PIN code – it’s quite comfortable and does not upset relatives, which could be done by blocking the entire device. But even here there are nuances that you need to be prepared for: firstly, the utility must be given permission to access the data of other applications (so that it can “intercept” their launch), and, secondly, the program must constantly work in the background ( this may adversely affect autonomy).

In general, the only utility that is suitable for this article is that it has been around for many years and is free. AppLock. It has ads, the interface seems overloaded and stability is average, but this is the best that is currently available on Android (if you know analogues, share in the comments).

How sophisticated can you “program” a password

It will be significantly more difficult

Converting the current time to a password is a basic feature of any such application (there are not so many of them, but still). However, AppLock allows you to modify a dynamic password to make it more difficult:

  • PIN code + full time – the current time is added to the static password (“12” + 10:52 ➝ “121052”);
  • PIN code + hour – the current hour is added without minutes (“12” + 10:52 ➝ “1210”);
  • PIN code + minutes – only the current minutes are added (“12” + 10:52 ➝ “1252”);
  • PIN code + day – the current number is added (“12” + April 12, 2023 ➝ “1212”).

In addition, the application allows you to invert the password (that is, at 10:52 the code will be “2501” – the time is entered from right to left) and use a different time format (12- and 24-hour).

But you can complicate it even more and use a fixed increase or decrease – for example, always add 2 minutes (at 10:52 the code will be “1054”).

Such enhanced protection methods are unlikely to be needed in practice, but they cannot be ignored. Fortunately, the developer has provided a secret question, the answer to which will allow you to unlock the application.

The perfect password from a girl that is useless to peep.  Install on Android

Separately, it is worth noting that AppLock allows you to hide your icon on the main screen and in the application drawer – you can only launch it from the list of all programs in the system settings (but the permanent notification in the curtain will still not go anywhere). Or its label and name can be disguised as a calendar, calculator, alarm clock and other standard applications.


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