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The Typing Cat online typing practice offers basic lessons, quizzes and game modes

Screenshot 2022 08 10 16.20 - The Typing Cat online typing practice offers basic lessons, quizzes and game modes

The Typing Cat online typing practice offers basic lessons, quizzes and game modes

How to improve typing speed? The easiest and most effective way is to keep practicing. In addition to being familiar with the positions of the keys on the keyboard, you can also use the right fingers to type to make the input process smoother. I have introduced some free typing practice services before, but most of them are based on typing practice. Lord, these services provide templates for input practice. Users only need to input according to the prompts on the screen. If they want to practice English playing, Monkeytype is a very professional service, and they can also customize a more personalized practice mode according to their needs.

This article will introduceThe Typing Cat” is an online English hitting practice tool. According to the website’s instructions, this service can help users improve their English hitting speed. They only need to practice for ten minutes a day.The Typing Cat is a very complete course, starting from the basic buttons and corresponding positions of the fingers, combined with input tests and games to practice repeatedly, and finally can improve the user’s typing speed.

In fact, The Typing Cat is a paid subscription-based British typing service, but there is no additional charge for basic courses, typing practice tools and typing games. The practice method is just like a general tool. Users only need to input in sequence according to the sample article on the screen, it is worth a visit What is mentioned is that the website will also prompt which finger should be used when entering a certain character, and you can also get the correct concept and the corresponding position of the key during practice.

The Typing Cat

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When you open The Typing Cat website, you will see three features: Typing Lessons, Typing Quiz, and Games.

The Typing Cat


In the course part, only the basic courses are free. Others marked as Pro require a paid subscription to browse. However, the basic course materials are quite useful for beginners who have no keyboard input experience at all. The fingers corresponding to each keyboard key will be marked in color. Helps users establish correct finger placement.

The Typing Cat


Open “Typing Test“English quiz function, first select the length of the test from the top: 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, the quiz will start automatically after pressing the first character, the input needs to have correct capitalization, spaces and Punctuation marks, input errors will be marked in red, and the bottom keyboard will also be colored to correspond to fingers and key positions.

The Typing Cat

After the quiz is over, the accuracy rate, input speed (words per minute), and ranking among all users will be displayed. There will also be a discount on the upgrade subscription to the Pro plan, in addition to the ability to use unlimited advanced courses, save progress, create Practice your own English typing, remove ads, and also have advanced results and reports for reference.

The Typing Cat


another”Typing Games“The English play practice game is also very fun. After entering, there will be easy and hard modes. The easy mode contains 3000 commonly used words, and the hard mode is randomly composed.

The Typing Cat


The main gameplay of the typing practice game is that there will be some single-word cards slowly falling from the top. Before falling into the water, you need to enter a single word and press Enter to eliminate the single-word card. During the process, the falling speed will become faster and faster, and there may be some “functions” Cards”, such as recalculating missed words, erasing all words currently on the screen, temporarily slowing down the drop, or stopping the drop.

After getting the function card, just enter the function name to be used to activate this effect.

The Typing Cat

At the end of the game, the score, typing speed, time, and number of words will also be displayed.

The Typing Cat

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. Online batting practice tool to help users improve batting speed
  2. Divided into three functions: typing lessons, English typing tests and games
  3. The free plan only has basic lessons, but English quizzes and games are free to use


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