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These are the hair trends for 2023

These are the hair trends for 2023 - These are the hair trends for 2023

Bangs, French bob and more, learn about the hair trends for 2023. The experts at Leonora Studio share the main cut and color trends for you to renew yourself this year.


Its reign is predicted, and it comes in all its versions, from the straightest and shortest with preppy airs to the casual layered one. It is important that you go to an expert who will recommend the right one according to the shape of your face.

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woman with fringe

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Back to 70

This year she nods to the 70s and is inspired by her looks to reinvent them, we will see long hair with an air of this decade but with modern touches, with softer and rounder waves.

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butterfly haircut

French Bob

The bob is refreshed and comes back longer, this cut gives a lot of movement and volume and is ideal for a not so drastic change that allows you to heal damaged ends.

aesthetic haircuts

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We will see them everywhere and they range from the classic pixie to the shag, they are characterized by having a lot of texture and movement and easy-to-comb strokes.

You will look chic and elegant this New Year!


Platinum Ruby

The Barbie effect that we will see everywhere this year also reaches the platinum blonde hair that pays homage to the most famous doll in the world.


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It refers to what produces pleasure to the eye and it is a trend that grows more every day. Structured and artistic hairstyles as well as fantasy colors will be part of this current that already reigns on social networks.

pink fur

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reflections and highlights

Highlights and highlights will continue to be part of the 2023 trends as a counterweight to the drama of the aesthetic, the more natural and healthy they look, the better, like the caramel tone that adds shine and color without being exaggerated.

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Always remember to go to the experts to carry out any change of look, Leonora Studio has 7 branches and in any of them you can talk to the best professionals, who can advise you to achieve the style that best suits you.

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