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These beauty must-haves make you shine

Huidverzorging beautyroutine 100kb - These beauty must-haves make you shine

Of course, we can’t always look and feel up and running and radiant. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to not feel good and look less flawless. When you have an important appointment or a date, for example. Then you prefer to look tip-top. At those moments, staying in bed is not an option either, but how do you ensure that you still look shiny? With these beauty must-haves, no one will notice that you are having an off day. Are you reading along?

Beauty musthaves

Do you not wake up completely happy, do you feel lifeless and do you not have your most radiant day? Then you will also look like this, because if you feel happy and satisfied inside, you radiate that too. And vice versa. No worries, because there are a number of must-haves in the beauty field with which you can easily patch yourself up, in terms of appearance. With the right beauty tips and products you let your skin shine again. Get rid of that dull, pale skin, lifeless hair and gray bags under your eyes. How do you do that? With the following beauty must-haves!

BB Cream

First up is the BB cream. This is the solution for pale skin. A BB Cream ensures that your natural skin color reappears. It is not for nothing that this beauty product is so popular. Do you like to use make-up products for your face? Use a bronze or a blush to conjure up just that little bit more color on your cheeks. Bye pale skin!


Just like the BB cream, highlighters are also a magical concept when we talk about beauty products. A highlighter gives your cheekbones a natural glow, making your look even fresher and fruitier. Definitely a must have!

Witte eyeliner

The black eyeliner is the most used, but did you know that a white variant immediately gives you a fresh look? This is therefore a beauty must-have for those moments when you are not feeling well. Apply a thin line to your lower lash line and you will see that your eyes will shine more in minutes. Use as little eye make-up as possible, a good waterproof mascara is sufficient for a beautiful fresh look. This may go against your nature, but the result is well worth it. You really don’t need more eye makeup.

Color on your lips

With a beautiful open and fresh eye look as described above with the use of the white eyeliner, it is good to put the focus on your lips as well. A beautiful lipstick therefore belongs in this list of beauty must-haves. By giving your lips a fresh color, for example light pink or perik, you shift the attention from your tired eyes to the other part of your face. Do not opt ​​for a dark color lipstick, because that will make your skin even paler.


In addition to your face, it is also important to give your hair some more love and care. The way to make your hair shine more is a shine spray. Even more good hair products have been invented to give your hairstyle an extra boost, but with a shine spray your dull hair is immediately a thing of the past!


Now that your hair and face have been given a nice makeover, it’s your body’s turn. Because the skin of the rest of your body can also use an extra boost and some attention every now and then. That is why you should regularly apply a wonderfully nourishing and nice-smelling body lotion.


Beauty comes from the inside. That is not a myth, and it is therefore very important to drink enough water. With this you let your skin shine as much as possible. Tea is also possible, if you like a little more variety. Hydrating is really super important for your body and skin!


If you are not feeling well and/or are tired, you are probably not motivated to exercise. Still, a workout or a run usually works wonders. You often feel a lot better and more energetic afterwards and that will radiate to you. Therefore, move enough! A nice sports outfit can provide extra motivation.

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep also does wonders for your appearance and looks. Especially when you don’t feel completely top and fit. Make sure you get about 8 hours of sleep every night and if possible a power nap in between.

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