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This is the perfect face mask for your skin

Vrouw brengt gezichtsmasker aan 100kb - This is the perfect face mask for your skin

In the previous blog you could read that it is important to treat yourself with a face mask every now and then. Your grooming regime is not complete without using a face mask every week. There are different types of face masks, but not every face mask is equally good for your skin. With many different masks to choose from, it is not always easy to make the right choice. That is why it is good to know which face masks there are and which of them are suitable for your skin type. I would be happy to help you on your way. That will be wonderfully relaxing tonight!

Face masks for different skin types

Just like with day cream and cleansing your skin, it is very important to choose a mask that suits your skin condition and skin type. It is therefore good to know what you are putting on your skin, because you do not want to suffer from irritation or unnecessary chemicals on your skin. apply. Every skin is different and needs different active ingredients. Fortunately, there is a suitable face mask for every skin type. I will help you choose the perfect face mask for your skin.

Normal skin

If you have normal skin, your skin is not dry, not greasy and you do not suffer from blemishes, pimples or dry spots. Lucky you! You don’t need much to look good, but a mask every now and then is a must. Of course you want to protect your skin. Choosing a suitable face mask for your skin is a cinch, because you have a lot of choice. Choose a gel mask, peel-off mask or a cream mask. These masks do not dry out, making them easy to remove. They can be rinsed off with lukewarm water or wiped off with a tissue. After you have pampered your skin with one of these masks, your skin is cleansed and cared for.

Combined skin

With combination skin, the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) is often oily, while the cheeks are dry. The pores in the T-zone are larger, which means that you suffer from shiny skin more quickly. It is then advisable to use different care products for different skin areas. If you only use one product, it often helps with one problem, but is not good for another. It is therefore best to choose a mud mask or masks that contain wax or rubber. You bring these kind of masks for the right effect Clay mask for faceApply with a brush, rather than your hands. These masks contain ingredients, so that both the oily areas are well cared for and the dry areas are well hydrated. Ideal for combination skin! Use this mask about once a week to once every 1.5 weeks.

Dry skin

Then we have dry to very dry skin. On the one hand it is an advantage to have this skin type, on the other hand it can be annoying. The advantage of dry skin is that you do not suffer much from blackheads, pimples and other impurities, because your skin produces less fat in the pores. Unfortunately, due to the lack of fat, dry skin can also make your makeup look blotchy. In addition, your skin often feels tight and tight and you can sometimes suffer from flakes. It is then best to use a mask that is moisturizing and nourishing and does not dry out hard, for example a cream mask.

For example, the Advanced Huydration Mask is perfect for your skin. It nourishes and restores your skin and its moisture reserves and ensures that your skin becomes soft. This will make your skin less dry and tight in the future. You can use this face mask 1 to 2 times a week. Remove the cream layer with tissues or moist cotton wool.

Chocolate mask for faceFat skin

Oily skin can usually be recognized by irregularities such as pimples and/or blackheads, scars and shiny skin. The T-zone in particular is a problem area if you have oily skin. The process of sebum production is not balanced, which changes the pH level of your skin and clogs the pores. Good care is a must here. In addition to a good cleaning of your face,
a mask should definitely not be missing in your skin care routine. A mask not only moisturizes, but also cleanses your skin.

Choose a gel mask or a cream clay mask to treat your oily skin. These masks harden when applied and often contain lemon and alcohol, which absorbs the grease. Do not use this mask on dry or normal skin, because that will only make it worse. Apply it evenly with your fingertips and rinse gently with lukewarm water afterwards. Do not use this type of mask too often, 2 to 3 times a month is sufficient for optimal results. If you use such a mask too often, it can actually have the opposite effect.

What is your favorite face mask? View an assortment with various fine face masks here to find the right mask for your skin!


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