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Tips on how to deal with split ends

Tips on how to deal with split ends – Branches at the ends of the hair can be quite disturbing the appearance and beauty of the hair. For this reason, the ends of the hair must be cut to remove the split ends. As a result, your hair will be shorter than before because it has been cut. In fact, with the right way to deal with split ends, you don’t have to keep cutting the ends of your hair so that the desire to have long hair can come true.

Causes of split ends

Split ends are common in women and very rarely in men. So, women’s hair care requires special techniques so that they are not easily branched and grow longer. Usually, split ends are caused by lack of nutrition or damage from external factors. When the cuticle at the end of the hair is dry, the ends of the hair will split and form branches. The appearance of branches at the ends of the hair will not only make it look ugly, but also greatly interfere with its growth.

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After knowing the cause of split ends, here are some tips: how to deal with split ends what you can do:

Cut the ends of the hair

This is the main step for dealing with split ends. By cutting the ends of the hair, the branches in the hair can be removed. However, if you just cut it off, split ends can continue to grow if you don’t take further care. So, consider the next step so that the problem of split ends can be solved completely.

Avoid rubbing hair

To dry hair after shampooing, usually many people choose it by rubbing the hair hard. In fact, this method does not help to speed up dry hair. In fact, it makes the hair brittle because it is treated roughly and can cause split ends.

Don’t use a hair dryer

How to deal with split ends should also avoid using a hair dryer. Continuous use of a hair dryer can also lead to hair damage. This is because the hot temperature in the hair dryer or hair straightener can make the hair structure brittle. So avoid using hair heaters and hair dryers such as hair dryers. Better let the hair dry naturally or just aerated. Even if using a towel, just gently wipe the hair.

Be careful with water that contains chlorine

Chlorine is usually found in swimming pool water. If you are a person who likes to swim, it is better to protect your hair before swimming. Because exposure to chlorine substances that are too often can cause hair to become damaged and split ends.

Avoid direct sunlight

The scorching sun can also trigger hair damage which can lead to hair loss and split ends. If your activities are mostly outdoors, it is better to use hair protection such as a helmet or hat.

Hair health is very important to note. Because it is a factor supporting the beauty of a woman to be more perfect. You can try how to deal with split ends as above to maintain the beauty of hair.

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