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Tips on how to get rid of scars on the face – How to get rid of scars on face it’s a bit difficult. Because the face is an area of ​​the body that is always visible. If the wound is wide enough, then surgery is the path that can be chosen. For scars that are not too big, you can use a scar removal cream. This drug or cream is very widely available in the market.

But you also have to be careful when buying scar removal cream, do not risk your face by buying fake creams that are not necessarily effective. Or it could even cause irritation due to the chemical content that is not skin friendly. If you decide to use scar removerit is better to consult a doctor first.

Another way that can be done to disguise the scars is by using lamai material. Natural way to get rid of scars It is also widely used because it has been proven effective. Besides being cheaper, the level of security is also better. However, the treatment of scars using natural ingredients requires patience so that it cannot produce results instantly.

Lemon fruit

You can use lemon juice to treat sores that leave scars and won’t go away. In this way, dead skin cells will be removed so that the skin forms new, healthier tissue. The trick, take a lemon then cut it and squeeze the water. Use a cotton bud to rub it on the face where there is a scar. Allow a few moments to soak then just cleaned.


How to get rid of scars on the face can also be done with cucumber slices. Cucumber is already widely known benefits for skin beauty. You can make cucumber juice by mashing it with a blender. Then use it as a mask on the face that has scars. Do it regularly at least 3 times a week. In this way, facial skin will be healthier and scars can be disguised.


The natural benefits of honey for the skin are also quite good. In addition to providing natural moisture, honey can also be used to treat scars that are difficult to remove. This honey can stimulate the skin to regenerate cells. That way, the scars on the face will also disappear slowly. How to use it is also quite easy, just apply honey on the scar you want to remove. Leave it for a while and then clean it to get rid of the honey stickiness.

Aloe vera

This plant does have many benefits. Besides being good for hair, aloe vera can also be used for skin care. Take aloe vera gel and apply it on the face where there is a wound. Do it regularly up to twice a day so that the scars quickly disappear.

How to get rid of scars on face This is quite effective for treating small scars. However, if the scars are too large and permanent, there is no other way but to use medical means.

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