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Tips on How to Overcome Oily Face

Tips Cara mengatasi wajah berminyak e1434325212290 - Tips on How to Overcome Oily Face

Tips on How to Overcome Oily Face – Do you have oily face problems? Of course annoying right? Because a face that has too much oil will make it dull and easily dirty. Dust and dirt that passes will easily stick because the oil on the face will be sticky. As a result, the face becomes dirty, clogged pores and causes pimples and blackheads.
How to deal with this oily face should be done as soon as possible. Because if left unchecked, the oil on the face will cause serious problems to the facial skin. Just because of excess oil, the face can be damaged due to acne and blackheads that are out of control.

Using a facial cleanser can be an option to deal with excess oil. Use a special facial cleanser for oily skin so it can absorb excess oil on the face. Use it carefully so as not to damage the natural moisture of the face. However, cleaning products like this are also not recommended for excessive use. Because the chemical content in these ingredients will make the face look dry and rough. The skin’s natural moisture will erode if used continuously. Therefore, balance it with natural treatments to maintain facial skin health.

Natural ways to deal with oil on the face can be done with materials that are around us. By using natural ingredients, excess oil on the face can be controlled so that pimples and blackheads do not grow easily.

Natural way to get rid of facial oil


Eggs are a delicious and nutritious food source. The benefits of eggs in the field of beauty are also very well known. Besides being able to treat hair and make it black and shiny, eggs are also good for skin care. An egg white mask can be used to get rid of excess oil on the face. How to deal with oily face using egg whites is very easy. Take the egg white by separating it from the yolk. Use the egg white on the face as a mask. Although fishy, ​​egg whites can nourish the skin to make it healthier and acne free. Uncontrolled oil content can also be reduced using an egg white mask. This method must be done regularly so that the face is cleaner and brighter without disturbing oil.


This fruit has also been widely used in beauty treatments. Bananas are commonly used in hair masks and facial masks. The content of vitamins A, B and E found in bananas can prevent premature aging so it is good for the skin. Banana masks can also absorb excess oil content on the face. Puree ripe bananas for use on the face. Use it on the face as a mask for about 20 minutes. In rinsing, use warm water so that the bananas don’t stick. This banana mask must also be used regularly.

How to deal with oily face is not difficult. But if you don’t clean your face diligently, the oil will also quickly return. Because excess oil on the face is caused by internal factors.

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