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Tips: The mind also needs “exercise” every day

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The specialists in fitness They recommend performing moderate physical activity around 150 minutes a week, it is the minimum that our body requires, this not only benefits our bones, joints, muscles and several of our organs including the brain. Yes, our brain also receives many benefits from moving our body but it is not enough. If we do not carry out activities that help exercise our brain, it can atrophy and lose its functions. The good news is that we can also stimulate our brain so that it remains strong, healthy and useful. How can we achieve it?: Challenging him and leading him to new experiences.

And it is that our brain, like any other organ of the body, needs to carry out continuous activity so as not to lose its functions. According to him Dr. Luis Enrique Villarreal, medical surgeon, “As we learn routines, they become automatic, so they demand less and less from the brain. It is important to seek to learn something new; something that requires the mind to establish new neural networks and keep the already known ones active”.

Training the brain is not complicated: “We must be aware of this need and start using our brain more; this includes stopping doing things automatically to explore new ways”, explains Dr. Villareal.

Here we give you a list of exercises that you can follow and they are quite easy:

Use the opposite hand

Use your non-dominant hand to do something like use your cell phone, mouse, or brush your teeth. This will help strengthen the opposite side of the brain. “Another exercise you can try is to write one to two sentences a day and gradually increase it,” recommends Dr. Villareal.

Don’t do everything automatically, change your routine

The routine makes the brain do everything automatically, and sometimes you don’t even think about what you are doing, so try walking a different route or change the order in which you do things. Introduce novelties in your day to day to avoid falling into monotony.

Do activities with your eyes closed.

Without the sense of sight we begin to use the other senses such as touch and also the imagination. For example you can take a bath with your eyes closed, try to locate things like soap and understand your surroundings. You can also “see” television with your eyes closed and by listening to the dialogues you can imagine the scenes.

Do group crafts

Making crafts boosts the creative side of your brain. Draw, paint, sing or dance, choose any type of art and if it is in a group much better.

try new food

By eating new foods, you begin to feel new textures, flavors and create new associations.


Reading is very useful, one of the benefits of reading is that it helps stimulate memory.


Memorizing excerpts from a book, poetry or song is a very effective way to make your brain more receptive to memory. You can start small, for example try to memorize the important phone numbers instead of having them on your cell phone. You can memorize a new song once a week

learn, change, move

Your brain needs action or else it relaxes. Every time you learn something new, or move something, you are forcing your brain to work and work hard, that is, to stay active.

write by hand

Putting aside the computer or cell phone and writing by hand is a fundamental exercise to preserve a good memory and stop cognitive deterioration. You can spend a few minutes a day to write by hand.

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