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Tips to achieve the perfect eyebrows to be in trend this year

Tips to achieve the perfect eyebrows to be in trend - Tips to achieve the perfect eyebrows to be in trend this year

The complement of a good make-up without a doubt are perfect eyebrows and it is that these are able to bring a lot of presence to our gaze and help us look incredible. This year comes loaded with several eyebrow trends, but the one that predominates is one that bets on a natural appearance, do you know what type of eyebrows we are talking about?

5 reasons not to use thin eyebrows, the fashion of the 2000s that is back

Discover how to achieve the perfect eyebrows that are on trend this 2023

The eyebrows are an important part of our face, thanks to them we can show off an impressive look (without neglecting the eyelashes, of course) and that is one of the reasons why we fix them. Although this practice is not something new in the world of makeup, the techniques to make them look beautiful have been innovating. Today, putting makeup on them with eyeliner, filling them in with shadow, or even tattooing them is falling behind to give way to the following trends.

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Eyebrow trends 2023

30s style eyebrows

Fashion always returns and apparently makeup trends too, and one of the trends this year to wear your eyebrows is betting on showing them off in vintage mode. If you are one of the girls who bets on unique and risky looks, you will surely like this trend. Wearing the eyebrows in the style of the 30s is to show off thin eyebrows with a very marked curvature.

perfect vintage style eyebrows

Imagen: Greta Garbo by Ruth Harriet Louise (MGM, Late 1920s).

bleached eyebrows

But if we are talking about risky looks, bleached eyebrows are definitely the ones that take first place. This technique consists of completely bleaching the eyebrows to create the illusion of not wearing eyebrows at all. Many have been the celebrities that have joined this trend like Gigi Hadig, Kendall Jenner, Madonna, Katy Perry or the famous actress Kristen Stewart.

bleaching for perfect brows


What are laminated brows?

Another of the trends to bring perfect eyebrows this year are laminated eyebrows. They are committed to respecting another great trend in the world of makeup: the celan look, which consists of wearing eyebrows according to a natural and minimalist appearance. This technique consists of smoothing and combing the eyebrows in the direction of the crown in order to fix and define them with the client’s preferred shape.

The reason why this trend has become one of the favorites (also in writing) is because it allows you to show off perfect and beautiful eyebrows without having to put makeup on them every day.

Differences between laminate and microblading

Despite the fact that both techniques seek a natural and defined appearance of the eyebrows, it is important to know that they are completely different procedures. that defines each hair of our eyebrows.

Microblading aims to fill or rebuild an eyebrow through the pigment application technique to give body and shape to a little hair, that is, it recreates the hairs creating a hyper-realistic effect, so this technique is recommended for those who He doesn’t have that many hairs on his eyebrows.

microblading technique for perfect eyebrows

Image: Olga Berezhna

For its part, the laminate is a procedure that is wonderful for those people with very populated eyebrows who seek to shape them. It is important to remember that this technique can be done semi-permanently with the help of products that are not as invasive as chemical straighteners or eyebrow gels.

foiled brows for a natural look

Imagen: pixelshot

How to wear perfect eyebrows?

Achieving perfect eyebrows with the lamination technique is very easy and all you need is the help of a transparent gel. You can get this at any beauty supply store and you can find them in several brands (some of them are very cheap and super friendly to your pocket).

perfect brows with a laminate


  1. Once you have the transparent gel for eyelashes or eyebrows in your possession, what you have to do is start brushing them with a spoolie to ruffle them and make it easier for you to manipulate them.
  2. When you see that your little hairs have given way, begin to apply the gel on your eyebrows, combing upwards. If you need the help of your spoolie to define and comb more precisely, do not hesitate to use it.
  3. Apply gel and manipulate until you are satisfied with the result. Let the gel dry and voilà. You are ready to succeed with eyebrows of ten.

Of course, if you are looking for a more lasting result than the gel, we advise you to schedule an appointment with a laminate specialist. Now that you know this tip to show off perfect eyebrows, tell us if you will put it into practice.

What do you think of natural eyebrows?:

5 reasons not to use thin eyebrows, the fashion of the 2000s that is back

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