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How to Search on google like a pro | advanced search tactics

google pro search - advance query commands

Use ADVANCED SEARCH OPERATORS / Search shortcut commands to find easily and more effectively in google. search phrase tricks to filter results

  • To find Exact match of the keyword . put it in double quote (” “)
    "how to search"
  • To exclude a word . put ( – ) before the word
    hello -world
  • if You can’t remember one or more keywords use Wildcard char (*)
    duckduckgo purchases * for * dollars
  • searches for related words / synonymous search use tilde (~) operator
    internet ~geek
  • Search for results will include pages that match both keywords you given use ( AND ) operator
    Linux AND install
  • Search for results will include pages that will include either or both keywords given, use ( OR ) operator . use can also use ( | ) pipe symbol
    mac | ios
    windows OR Android
  • $ search for files of a specific file type to direct download of file’s like Apk, PDF, PNG, XLS , DOC , MP4 , Webm , WEBP or TXT.
    filetype:pdf Ubuntu OS install
    filetype:mp4 bigbunny

  • Only show pages with a certain search phrase in the title
  • Find pages that contain a given word in their URL
  • Shows pages containing a certain word somewhere in the content
  • If you’re looking for a place or product in a specific location, add the location. For example, bakery seattle.
  • To Search for a price. Put $ in front of a number
    camera $500
  • To Search within a range of numbers use (..) double dot
    camera $500..$1000
  • Search social media use @ symbol
  • Search hashtags #
    #whatsnew #trending
  • To find weather in your are try . weather <city name>
    weather Miami
  • How to Search within a specific site use ( site: ) free download
  • To Search for related site’s use ( related: )
  • See Google’s cached version of a site use (cache:)
  • How to Search Google Images by the Exact Size of photo, use ( imagesize: width x height )
  • To find the definition of keyword (define:)
  • To open open calculator on google home page type calc or calculator or Enter any math equation
  • Unit conversions: you can convert any unit to other unit easily
    3cm to mm
    celcius to farenheit
How to Search on google like a pro | advanced search tactics
google home
  • Currency conversions
    dollar to euro
    usd to inr
  • find public ip address of your device just type
  • To test of find your Internet speed just type
  • To find the distance / route or different ways to travel to two destinations use . from <city name > to <city name>
    from miami to orlando
  • Timer / stopwatch in google
    10m timer
    50s timer

  • to find time in different location
    time in paris
    time in london

  • to know luck / make a decision randomly
    Roll a die
    flip a coin

    3 value spinner

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