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Upcycling clothing: everything you need to know about this trend

Upcycling clothing everything you need to know about this trend - Upcycling clothing: everything you need to know about this trend

Upcycling clothing is a fashion trend that, like second hand clothing, seeks to be an alternative to take care of the planet while wearing incredible outfits. Have you heard about this process that garments are subjected to? If the answer was “no”, join us to discover everything you need to know about it so that you look amazing while helping to reduce the ecological footprint.

Second-hand clothing: where and why to buy it

Upcycling clothing, the new clothing trend that you should know

Our passage through the world has left a very important impact on the environment, unfortunately, this has been negative and we have exploited the resources that it gives us until almost extinguishing them. And that is why we believe in the importance of knowing actions that help us reduce the environmental impact that we are leaving behind.

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upcycling clothing the new fashion trend

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The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world and despite the fact that we are fashion lovers, looking fashionable on any occasion and wanting to adapt to clothing trends, we are aware that fast fashion should reduce its production. Thank heavens there are alternatives that allow us to help the environment a little bit and at the same time wear outfits of 10.

What is upcycling clothing and why is it trending?

The term upcycling refers to the reuse of garments and it is a process to which all those pieces that are already in their last days are submitted in order to give them a new shape. That is, all that garment that is considered old but still looks good to wear and can be transformed into a completely different garment.

what is upcycling clothing

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More than a new clothing trend to follow, this is a measure that we can carry out in order to contribute a grain of sand in caring for the environment.

Upcycling clothes are characterized by being the result of the intervention of a garment with other textures, techniques or shapes. For example, if you have a t-shirt that has holes, you can resort to embroidery to cover them; if your favorite blouse has faded you can apply a tie dye technique to give it another color; If a pair of pants broke, you can turn it into shorts and so we could continue giving you a thousand more tips.

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  1. You wear unique garments: being clothes intervened by your handymen, nowhere else will you be able to find another like it, it will be completely personalized with your ideas, your style and tastes.
  2. Creative garments: upcycling opens up a world of possibilities to make the most of your talent and creativity when giving your clothes a new life.
  3. It’s a good hobby: if you don’t have anything to occupy your free time, creating upcycling clothes can become a new hobby, especially if you like art, sewing or embroidery.
  4. Create a new and unique style: by intervening your top you will be able to impose a new fashion in terms of styles, textures, shapes and even accessories, we swear that everyone will want to know where you buy your outfits and who knows in the end and you even end up putting a line of clothes.

Advantages of using upcycling clothing

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Now that you know what upcycling clothes means, tell us if you had already resorted to this process to renew your clothes before but you did not know that it was called.

Why is it advisable to wash new clothes before wearing them?

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