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Vectorizer AI converts JPEG, PNG bitmap to SVG vector image tool for free

vectorizer ai 1 - Vectorizer AI converts JPEG, PNG bitmap to SVG vector image tool for free

Vectorizer.AI It is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence AI technology to convert JPEG and PNG images into SVG vector images. The company behind this service, Cedar Lake Ventures, is a familiar face. I have introduced “Recompressor free image compression tool, in terms of capacity and quality Find the best compression ratio” and “Pix Fix repair photo noise tool, save image damage caused by over-compression image quality” and other tools are from the same development team, they have accumulated decades of experience in the field of image editing, It is completely free to use during the testing phase.

Everyone knows that bitmap and vector graphics are two completely different technologies. The former is composed of small square grids called “pixels”. Each pixel has its own color, and it is also the most commonly seen on the Internet. format, but the disadvantage of the bitmap is that the picture can only be reduced, and if it is enlarged, it will cause distortion and blur; as for the vector image, it is an image rendered based on mathematical formulas such as points, lines or polygons, which is scalable (whether zoomed in or Zooming out will not lose the sharpness of the original picture), smaller files and other characteristics.

Vectorizer.AI uses technologies such as deep learning networks and algorithms, and uses powerful GPUs and multi-core CPUs to analyze and process images uploaded by users, and then quickly convert bitmap images into vector image formats, which will not be affected by scaling It becomes blurred or destroys the image quality, but currently only supports SVG format, and EPS and PDF will be added in the future.

Bitmap formats supported by this service include JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. The maximum pixel size must not exceed 2 million pixels, and the file size limit is 30 MB. It is free to use during the beta phase, and no registration or account login is required.


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After opening the Vectorizer AI website, directly drag the original image file to be converted into it, and click “Pick Image to Vectorize” to select the image. It will take a while to process and analyze after uploading.

Vectorizer AI


The comparison between the original image and the result converted to a vector image will be displayed immediately. I have tested some images and obtained good results. On the comparison page, you can zoom in and out or view some details. Click the relevant function from the function menu in the upper left corner. Of course, Users can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Vectorizer AI


Click “Download” on the top menu to download the picture. In the export option, you can choose different file formats: SVG, EPS, PDF and related options. Different adjustment details will be displayed according to the format selected by the user. I directly choose the SVG format, Keep the default value and do not make other settings. Users can study the options by themselves. If there is no problem, click “Download” to export and save SVG or the selected format.

Vectorizer AI


Finally, you will be able to get the file that Vectorizer AI converts the dot matrix image into vector image format!

Vectorizer AI

Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. SVG vector images are highly scalable, and will not lose the sharpness of the original image no matter whether it is enlarged or reduced
  2. Vectorizer.AI is free to use during beta phase, no registration or account login required
  3. Choose from three formats: SVG, EPS, or PDF when converting, and provide a variety of detailed adjustment options

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