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voice search: List of all google assistant command’s

google pro speech commands

How Many of you Love to say “Hey Google” / “Ok Google” / “Hello google “. here’s the expert tips and tricks to master your Android assistant. use this speech phrases to use amaze your fiends like a pro

To explore in assistant yourself just say ;
what can you do

if google wrongly understand your speech word retry your word by saying ;
no, i say <your word>

General information

“Search for <keyword phrase>
search for how to cook broccoli

“image search use Show me pictures of <key word> “
Show me pictures of Miami beach

“How old is <name>?”
how old is google

“Define <word> Or “What does < word > mean?”
define caress
What does caress mean

“Where was < name >born?’
where was tesla born

“Who invented < anything you want to find>.”
who invented internet

“How tall is [name of person or building].”
how tall is eiffel tower

“fiance related search “
What is apple stock price?

“Browse [nameofwebsite],” when you want to go directly to the website. eg: browse

“Go to [name of website],” when you want it to appear in a Google search”
go to

“to make a clap”


make sure you enable gps location

to get the weather on your locations use
weather now
forecast today
weather here

other commands :
Will it rain today?
forecast for the weekend
When is sunset?
how hot is it outside
What’s the temperature?

weather in ohio
When's the sunrise in Frankfurt

Navigation, Direction and Travel

Make sure use turn on gps locations , try these :

navigate to brooklyn
directions to 21st ave street, seattle
restaurants near me

pizza near me
hotels near by
Where's the closest coffee shop
hospital near me
What are some attractions in New York City
Search for hotels in [Boston]

When am I?

some advance commands needs location to be preset, set your home , office location in google maps to use this following searches.

how far from home
navigate to home
direction to my office
navigate from home to office
hotels near by my office
how far is Washington from home

Translate / Transliteration

How do you say [welcome] in [Chinese]
how do i say good morning in french
[thank you] in Spanish

what is [greetings] in Russian

make your assistant as a interpreter . it will translate both sides speech
be my Japanese interpreter
Spanish to french interpreter

Device control

Wi-Fi: “Turn on Wi-Fi” or “Turn off Wi-Fi.”
Bluetooth: “Turn on Bluetooth” or “Turn off Bluetooth.”
Flashlight: “Turn on my flashlight” or “Turn my flashlight off.
Sound : “Turn of volume” or ” volume 50% ” or “volume up” or “volume down
Camera: “Take a picture ” or “Take a selfie ” or “Record video” or “Take screenshot ” or ” Take a photo
Screen : ” Brightness up ” or “Brightness down
Open a app : ” open chrome ” or “open play store” …..etc


Notes : “Make a note” or ” note to self
Alarm : “Remind me about meeting at 11 am” or ” Set an alarm for 7am ” or “Set a timer for 10 minutes” or “Remind me for dinner at 8.25pm
Calling : “call mom” or “call 911

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