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Ways to combine Christmas coats for couples who want a romantic look

Ways to combine Christmas coats for couples who want a - Ways to combine Christmas coats for couples who want a romantic look

Christmas is the best time to wear outfits combined with our sweetheart, these December holidays the possibilities of looks and styles go beyond ugly sweaters, which are divine and cute, but are not everyone’s style. If you and your sweetie want to look formal, elegant and above all while staying warm this cold season, check out these ways to match Christmas coats for couples. Perfect for those who opt for a super romantic Christmas look.

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Ways to combine Christmas coats for couples who want a romantic look

Combine with accessories in similar colors

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If the only coats you have in your closet are different but you want to wear an outfit as a couple, you can resort to using accessories. For example, if your coat has designs, a light print or a certain texture, your sweetheart can bet on wearing her coat in a solid color, such as black, and complement it with matching scarves that contain similar elements, material, or representative colors of your garment. . In addition to matching, this idea is perfect to take care of your pockets.

Couple with black trench coats and matching accessories

Coats in shades of the same color

Among the ways to combine Christmas coats as a couple, there is a wonderful idea that will also help you not to spend too much this December season. If you both bought coats at different times in your lives that match in color but not in tone, you can play with this “difference” to achieve a unique and elegant couple look. They can complement their outfit with matching shoes and even some accessories such as hats or scarves.

Couple with the characteristic beige coat in different tones

Contrast long coats with formal outfit

If what you want is to invest in a unique look this Christmas, bet on a look that allows you to contrast colors. To give that touch and Christmas style to your outfits. Bet on wearing velvet, suede or tweed trench coats in characteristic colors of the season, red could be a good option (even green). Here the texture or length of the coat does not matter because what will create the match will be the game of colors.

Couple with green and red coat outfit

Coats in trendy colors

Taking advantage of an offer that allows them to acquire the same design, color, tone and shape of the coat would be a blessing that would allow them to wear a couple’s outfit with great style. For this Christmas, bet on a unique touch leaving the basic beige and buy a coat in a cold color. It can be sky blue, pewter blue (which is also a trending color this season), or electric blue. Complement with accessories such as hats or caps, and of course, a matching outfit.

Couple with royal blue coats

Stylish Dark Academy Coats

Christmas is also a perfect time to wear the dark academy style, so a plaid coat will be your best ally to look handsome this holiday season. For a look that matches more between you, you can bet on including jeans of the same color, beanies with a similar texture and color, and white shoes.

Couple in tweed-style coats

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Coat-style jacket for an urban look

If you and your sweetheart want to wear a less formal outfit, bet on combining a jacket with a coat cut. These garments, in addition to protecting from the cold, allow you to accompany any style and look that you want to wear. You can find them in a thousand colors, shapes, and textures, so they are an excellent option to wear them with accessories such as knitted hats and scarves, garments such as jeans, sweaters, any type of footwear, and so on.

Couple with coat style jacket for Christmas

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