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Webtopdf converts webpages to PDF or images online, with custom page size and watermarking

Webtopdf It is an online tool for converting webpages to PDF, pictures or taking screenshots. This service is different from taking screenshots directly on the computer with shortcut keys, but can capture the webpage from beginning to end and output it as PDF or pictures. Webtopdf allows users to pre-set the size of the page to be used before capturing, and can also choose vertical or horizontal, border and zoom percentage. It is very convenient to insert specific content before and after the page, watermark, and password protection.

To convert Web to PDF online through Webtopdf, you only need to enter the URL to be converted, press Convert and wait for a while to get the result. After conversion, you can directly preview and download the file picture in the browser. The quality is preserved, and at the same time it is maintained in a non-destructive state. What’s even better is that Webtopdf can correctly display Chinese or other non-English languages, and will not display errors such as garbled characters or spaces.

According to the website description, Webtopdf provides a safe online conversion environment. Any converted files will be automatically deleted from the server after one hour to avoid being accessed by others, and it supports all types of operating systems and browsers, as long as there is a network You can use it when you open the website when you are connected, without additional download and installation of software.


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After opening the Webtopdf website, you will see the function of converting webpages to PDF. The upper menu also has the functions of converting webpages to pictures, screenshots of webpages or HTML to PDF, and PDF to HTML. The easiest way to operate is to paste the URL and click “Convert ” will convert and generate the file.



Click “Options” before conversion to open more setting options, you can adjust the page size to be captured (the default is A4) or customize the size length and width, vertical and horizontal display, border and magnification, and other conversions Format selection, supports PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF, and some conversion settings can be selected according to user needs (such as removing JavaScript, linking, adding pages or converting to grayscale mode, etc.).


The available sizes of Webtopdf include common A4, A5, B3, B4, etc., and you can also customize the size according to your own needs.



After setting, press “Convert” and the conversion will start. It will take a while to complete. Remember to keep the page open. It should be noted that Webtopdf can only capture pages that can be viewed and viewed immediately after opening the webpage. If login verification is required It is not possible to use this method to capture the screen.


After completion, a download link will be displayed, click “Download File Now” to download the file immediately, the file will only be saved for one hour, and then it will be completely deleted from the server, so you need to download it immediately, and you don’t need to manually delete the file yourself.



In addition to downloading, Webtopdf also provides an online preview function. Before downloading the file, check whether the appearance of the target URL is correctly captured. As mentioned earlier, this service can also correctly capture Chinese or other non-English language web pages. There are situations such as blank, garbled characters, or failure to display.


Three reasons why it’s worth a try:

  1. Webtopdf converts URLs to PDF or image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) online for download
  2. Preset page size, border, portrait landscape, magnification or watermark
  3. Safe conversion environment, files are automatically deleted from the server after one hour


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