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What is Daxxify, an anti-wrinkle injectable that could push out Botox?

Anti Wrinkle - What is Daxxify, an anti-wrinkle injectable that could push out Botox?

Botox, which is one of the commercial names for botulinum toxin, has worldwide renown and is so popular that the term has long since become part of everyday vernaculars like Kleenex and Ketchup.

However, some of its thunder could be stolen by the latest anti-wrinkle injectable, Daxxify, which has just been approved for consumer use in the United States.

Here’s the lowdown.

It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Botox. For the past two decades, botulinum toxin injections have been gaining in popularity, despite complications making the rounds of social networks as well as the emergence of the dangerous ‘fake injectors’ phenomenon.

In fact, these types of injections have become the most popular aesthetic procedure in the world. According to the latest data provided by the International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS), they represent 43% of all aesthetic procedures, placing them far ahead of hyaluronic acid injections (28%).

Botox, whose use for aesthetic purposes has been authorized since 2002 in the United States, has long been enjoying a top position.

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But could it be dethroned? At the start of September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light to a new anti-wrinkle injectable, Daxxify, which could overshadow Botox, if only because it is claimed to be much longer-lasting than Botox.

How is it different from Botox?

Developed by Revance Therapeutics, Daxxify is, like Botox, a neuromodulator designed to improve the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines — or frown lines — in adult patients, except that it is formulated with peptides, and that’s what could make all the difference.

While the two mechanisms are similar, the time that the effects last varies from one injectable to the other.

Unlike the king of anti-ageing products, which allows patients to smooth lines for three to six months, Daxxify is said to offer longer-lasting effects, from six months to nine months for some patients, considerably reducing the frequency of appointments with one’s doctor — and therefore the price to pay to enjoy a quasi-eternal youth.

Daxxify’s side effects are also said by some experts to be less severe, although there is no evidence of this at present. The biotech behind the new anti-wrinkle injectable simply states,  “DAXXIFY™ is generally safe and well tolerated with no serious treatment-related adverse events reported in the clinical trials and has a safety profile consistent with other currently available neuromodulators in the aesthetics market.

Not yet available worldwide

It’s worth pointing out that this new injectable anti-wrinkle substance has only been authorized by the FDA, the American drug agency, and is therefore nowhere close to being genuine competition with Botox on a global level.

At least for the moment. It should also be noted that the FDA has given the green light to the marketing of Daxxify for aesthetic purposes only, whereas Botox can boast of also being also used for therapeutic purposes, such as treating migraines, torticollis and incontinence.

A detail that is not insignificant, and should allow Botox to maintain its dominant position a little longer.

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