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What is laser hair removal? Main Questions

laser - What is laser hair removal? Main Questions

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men and women is laser hair removal. This is a modern method of removing hair from any part of the body. A feature is painlessness and high efficiency of the procedure.

What is laser hair removal

The removal process is carried out using modern laser systems. The devices produce a fairly powerful beam that can penetrate the hair follicle and destroy its structure. Thus, laser hair removal stops hair growth at the cellular level.

It is important to note that after one procedure, the patient will not be able to get perfectly smooth skin. However, the soft hairs will disappear and the tougher hairs will weaken. Experts say that the maximum effect and complete cessation of hair growth is possible only after completing a course of 3-8 sessions.

Types of laser hair removal

The procedure involves driving a special device over the surface of the skin, but the features of the technique may differ depending on the type of laser used. There are such types:
Ruby – has high rates of effectiveness on dark hair and fair skin. You can get rid of unwanted vegetation in 5 sessions.

Alexandrite – used in most beauty salons, due to good performance. Complications are kept to a minimum.

Neodymium – a full course of laser hair removal with such a device will save patients from unwanted hair for 5 years. The beam acts on the vessels of the hair follicle.

QOOL is the most modern method that was developed not so long ago. It is also called a “cold laser” because the device does not heat the skin. It has high performance indicators and is in active demand.

Each of the options has its own characteristics and advantages that you need to consider before signing up for the procedure. The QOOL technique is considered the most popular, since it does not cause complications.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Safety. Modern equipment penetrates only into the upper layers of the skin and affects the hair follicles. In this case, the patient does not experience pain or discomfort. The procedure does not cause side effects.

Saving time. Depending on the zone, the session lasts from 5 to 30 minutes. At this time, all the patient needs is to rest in a comfortable chair.

Excellent result. None of the modern cosmetic hair removal procedures can provide such indicators. Only 3-8 sessions will get rid of hairline for many years.
Skin improvement. It has been proven that exposure to a laser beam allows you to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation and spider veins in the treated area.

How to prepare for the procedure

LINLINE advice: in order to get the maximum effect from laser hair removal, you must follow simple recommendations from cosmetologists before the procedure:

  • Immediately before the procedure, the skin must be cleaned of foundation. Do not visit the solarium and do not sunbathe for 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • For 2-4 weeks, you need to abandon mechanical hair removal (tweezers, shugaring, wax, epilator, etc.).
  • The day before laser hair removal, you need to shave off the hair on the treated area using a conventional machine, deodorant, etc.
  • These tips allow you to get a guaranteed effect from each session of laser hair removal.

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