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What is microgreen(Garden cress) and how to grow it yourself ? | it’s benefits

garden cress micro-green,s

Curly Garden cress  (Lepidium sativum), you’ve probably heard about microgreen cress at least once, but still doubt its usefulness and consider it another marketing ploy? And this is in vain.

Garden cress is small sprouts of vegetables, herbs and herbs. Which are harvested and eaten after 7-14 days from the beginning of sowing. In the late 80s, California chefs began using them to decorate their dishes and then add them almost everywhere: toast, cream soups, salads and snacks. And not without reason,

because the sprouts have a 5 times
higher concentration of vitamins and minerals (C, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium and Calcium)
than their mature specimens. In order to grow microgreens on your own, you do not need to put in a lot of effort. To grow a microgreen, you will need a container with holes and a tray where excess moisture will drain. Fill the container with soil, fields abundantly and place the seeds of your chosen crop at a short distance. The soil must be kept moist at all times, but watered only from a spray bottle.

curly Cress (Lepidium sativum)
curly Cress (Lepidium sativum)

In the early days, keep the container in a dark place, loosely covered with plastic. When the first shoots appear, remove the film and put it in sunlight. The germination period of shoots is different depending on the type of plant. Typically 7 to 14 days. Garden cress sprouts are carefully cut with scissors just above the soil surface. It is recommended to eat immediately. But keeping greens for a long time is not worth it. Maximum 3 days in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper.

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