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What is the name of the elastic band for training: the name of the tape for sports

rezinki dlya trenirovok - What is the name of the elastic band for training: the name of the tape for sports

Regular exercise is essential to keep your body in good shape. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym regularly. In this case, you can resort to homework with special equipment. Many are interested in: what is the name of the elastic band for training and is it really effective?

Classes with sports tapes will help get rid of excess weight, add relief to the body and improve physical performance. The simulator is inexpensive, while it will replace the hours spent in the gym.

Gum for fitness – what is it

Colored elastic bands for training are rubber bands for fitness. For stretching, you need to make a movement, while applying a certain force. There are a huge number of simulators that differ in color and type of load. With their help, you can conduct a good workout at home.


The use of ribbons can significantly increase the effectiveness of sports. Regular exercise will help:

  • work out the muscles of the lower body;

  • give a load on the back, arms, chest;

  • straighten your posture;

  • bring the body into tone;

  • increase endurance;

  • improve balance.

You can buy a rubber band for squat sports to improve flexibility and develop joints. The effectiveness of training has been scientifically proven, so you should not worry about the fact that there will be no result.

Scientific confirmation of effectiveness

The study involved 16 women. First, dumbbells were used to perform the exercises, then the inventory was changed.

Special electrodes were used to fix the result. They were strengthened by those muscle groups that were involved in the exercise. Particular attention was paid to the correct training technique.

According to studies, the level of momentum was the same, both when exercising with dumbbells, and when training with bands. But this applies only to classical types of exercises.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of inventory is availability. You can buy it at any sports store. Rubber bands are convenient to store, they do not take up much space. The main advantages of the simulator are:

  • noiselessness;

  • suitable for everyone, regardless of build, age and sports experience;

  • light weight;

  • ease of care;

  • even load on the muscles.

Of the shortcomings of the expander, it is worth noting the difficulties during the first lesson. It is important to learn how to work with tapes correctly in order to get an effective result. Plus, you need to stick to the technique of performing the exercise.

It is also worth noting that elastic bands are more often used for women’s workouts. Not always the maximum load is enough for a full-fledged strength training for men.

A set of exercises with fitness bands

Regular exercise with elastic bands will help you get rid of excess weight and restore muscle tone. It is important not to miss classes and do enough exercises. It is also worth listening to your own feelings so as not to get hurt.

Workouts for the back and chest

The tape is an excellent simulator to work out the muscles of the back and chest.

Exercise should be performed 10-15 times. For a good training, you need to complete 2 or 3 sets.

Bent over pull

The end of the tape must be placed under the feet, and the second must be picked up. You need to bend over slightly and bend your knees.

As you exhale, pull the tape towards you, as you exhale, gently lower it. It is important not to spread your elbows and not round your back.

Stretch Tape

The tape should be placed on the forearms. On the exhale, you need to spread your arms to the sides as much as possible, stretching the elastic band. With an inhale, return to the starting position.

Arm and shoulder exercises

When doing arm training, it is important to do an equal number of approaches on each side. It is recommended to do 10 to 15 repetitions.

Stretching the expander over the head

The elastic is on the wrists, the arms are raised above the head. As you exhale, spread your arms to the sides, stretching the elastic band as much as possible. In order not to damage the muscles or joints during exercise, it is worth consulting with a specialist.

Triceps extension with one arm

For this exercise, you need to put your hands in front of you, place the elastic band on the forearm of the upper hand. With your free hand, you need to grab the tape and pull it down. It is important to monitor the position of the elbow joint of the hand, it should be tightly pressed to the side.

As you exhale, the arm that is at the bottom needs to be straightened. As you exhale, slowly return to the starting position.

Bicep Curl

To perform the exercise, you need to kneel, place the tape under your foot. With your right hand, you need to grab the edge of the gum. On exhalation, the hand should be pulled to the chin. The technique of the exercise is similar to working with dumbbells.

Training with tape on the legs and buttocks

To create a beautiful relief of the legs, it is worth doing at least 15 times. In total, it is recommended to do three rounds of exercises. As with arm workouts, it’s important to do an equal number of sets on each side.

Lunges to the side

Feet are shoulder-width apart, elastic at the ankles. As you exhale, you need to step to the side, then sit down. On inspiration, return to the starting position.


You need to step on the elastic, and grab the free edge with your hands. With an inhalation, you need to gently lean forward. This will reduce the voltage of the simulator.

It is important to perform the exercise with the help of the buttocks. The back should be straight, and the weight of the body is transferred to the feet.

Leg abduction in a horizontal position

The elastic must be placed on the ankles. On exhalation, you need to take one leg as far back as possible. On inspiration, you need to return to the starting position.

When performing the exercise, you do not need to lean forward much or round your back. If it is difficult to keep balance, you can use a wall or window sill as a support.

Lifting the leg up

To perform the exercise, you need to kneel down, rest your hands on the floor. The elastic must be placed on the feet. On the exhale, the leg should be lifted up, stretching the tape as much as possible. As you exhale, slowly return to the starting position.

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Leg swings with elastic on the hips

The training is very similar to the previous one. When the elastic is on the hips, the buttocks work more.

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In both exercises, it is important to keep the heel exactly to the ceiling. Thus, the gluteal muscle will be maximally involved. To avoid tension in the neck, the head must be kept straight, without raising the head up.

How to remove the stomach with a fitness tape?

According to the teachers of fitness trainers courses in Astana, with the help of ribbons, you can make a beautiful press, get rid of unnecessary sentimentality in the waist. The main thing is not to take a break between sets. It is recommended to regularly perform 2 or 3 rounds of exercises, for the most effective workout.


Bicycling is an effective exercise for the press. The expander should be put on the legs, raise the lower body and body. The legs are best kept at a 90 degree angle. Alternately, you need to do twisting with the rotation of the elbows. Right elbow to left knee, left elbow to right.

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Leg raise from prone position

In this version, the elastic should be placed on the calves. It is necessary to raise even legs, at the top point, stretch the simulator as much as possible.

What other workouts can be done with sports bands

To work on the body, it is not so important to know the name of the fitness band for leg exercises, as the regularity of classes. For active fat burning, it is worth adding cardio workouts that will help you achieve your goal.


In this type of training, 45 seconds do the maximum number of exercises, then 15 seconds of a break. The number of circles is not limited. It is best to do exercises for one muscle group in one circle.

Cardio training

In this case, for every 5 strength training sessions with bands, you need to do 5 cardio exercises. This option speeds up the work of the heart, which leads to accelerated fat burning.

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Circuit training

The workout includes several exercises that are done one after the other without interruption. Beginners should start with two or three reps. Experienced athletes can do large sets and increase their number.

How to choose a fitness band

Sometimes the rubber for training on the squat legs just breaks. This happens for several reasons:

  • poor quality of the simulator;

  • the tape is not suitable for a certain type of training;

  • force was applied that the machine was not designed for.

To avoid unpleasant situations during sports, you need to choose the right tape.

Types of fitness rubber bands

There are a huge number of simulators for different muscle groups, with different loads. They also differ in color and density. Before you buy a simulator, you should understand its classification.

Typically, manufacturers label rubber bands with letters. For warming up, you should use equipment with the letter M. For beginners and people without physical fitness, options marked S are suitable. L is most often used to train the lower body. Rubber bands XL XXL are suitable for professional athletes.

Depending on the load

Most often, simulators are divided by color. Manufacturers may vary shades, but the general classification is as follows:

  • green – lungs;

  • red – slightly weighted;

  • blue – medium;

  • dark – heavy;

  • black ones are very heavy.

The manufacturer may change the color designation. In order not to be injured during classes, you should carefully read the instructions. The load is indicated in the booklet or on the tape itself.

Depending on the material

To create ribbons use:

  • latex;

  • polyurethane;

  • rubber;

  • the cloth.

It is best to choose polyurethane options. They stretch well, provide the necessary load, do not cause allergies. Fabric trainers are versatile. They can be used for any training.

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Rubber bands break quickly and often have an unpleasant odor. Latex expanders are strong enough, but can provoke allergies.

Depending on sizes

There are different sizes of rubber bands. Ribbons 120-250 centimeters can be used for any workout. Loops 40-60 centimeters long allow you to work out a specific muscle group. Long loops of 150-200 centimeters are recommended for athletes who already have experience in training with ribbons.

Depending on the muscles being worked

Select equipment based on the purpose of the training. Many are interested in: what are the sports rubber bands for fitness with handles called? This is an exertube. It is used by experienced athletes to work out a wide amplitude.

Also there are:

  • band expander that can be used to train all muscles;

  • loops are also great for this purpose;

  • the butterfly perfectly works out the buttocks, thighs and arm muscles;

  • elastic band expanders are used for back training.

For a home workout, it is best to take classic loops. With their help, you can diversify your workout. It is better to choose a set of tapes to regulate the intensity of training.

TOP of the best manufacturers of fitness rubber bands

To make it easier to make a choice, you should familiarize yourself with the most famous manufacturers of simulators.

U-Powex rubber band set

U-Powex is the most popular sports band for the legs and the whole body. The kit includes five options with different loads from 5 to 12 kilograms. There is also a special pouch for easy storage.

The GO DO crease

Bands that can be used by both professionals for training in the gym and beginners for home workouts. There are different sets, which allows you to choose the optimal load.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands from Onlitop are the perfect combination of quality and value. The manufacturer offers a wide range of exercise machines of varying degrees of load.

Rubber bands Super Strong GESS-096

Those who want to combine light and heavy workouts should pay attention to the simulators from this company. They are made from high quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use.

Fitness Formula set

Rubber bands from Fitness Formula are suitable for any training. There are different levels of stiffness, which allows you to work out all the muscles well. Read the article on the topic: What is the name of the elastic band for training: the name of the tape for sports


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