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What is the romcom style and how to apply it to clothes and makeup

What is the romcom style and how to apply it - What is the romcom style and how to apply it to clothes and makeup

Baby tees, stripes, flared or straight leg pants, and bobby pins are just a few of the things from the 1990s that are thankfully making a comeback in the fashion world. If you, like us, want to look like a whole 90’s girl, then the romcom style will be your favorite, did you already know it?

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What is the romcom style and how to apply it to clothes and makeup

TikTok has become our favorite platform to keep up with trends. And it is thanks to her that the romcom style has gained strength to position itself as one of the most sought-after trends. This trend bases its name (and inspiration) on the romantic comedy movie genre that became super popular in the 90s.

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looks with romcom style

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The romcom takes two super characteristic styles of the decade and combines them perfectly with current trends to achieve the union of fashion and makeup with many 90’s vibes. In this way we will see girly elements (in pink, light and very feminine tones), in balance with details of the casual style (which emerged in the decade thanks to the emergence of grunge), united to give life to the romcom.

90s inspired makeup

The nineties were characterized by raising the concept of makeup no makeup. The arrangement of the face consisted of wearing basic products such as lipstick, a little powder, mascara, blush and, if necessary, it was enough to add a little eyeshadow for a party night.

The romcom follows this same makeup idea but dares a little more and allows the use of products such as eyeliner, lipgloss, and lipsticks in dark colors (mainly chocolates). Maddy Pérez being one of the great exponents of romcom makeup (and angry face makeup).

romcom style makeup

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How to incorporate this style into my outfits?

Bet on integrating basic garments into your wardrobe that allow you to show off vintage vibes, remember that the objective of the romcom is to provide that air of the 90s without risking wearing a total retro look. Of the basics that yes or yes you should include in your closet to wear this style we can mention:

Baby tees: these are these midriff-cut t-shirts made of cotton that, in addition to being a very comfortable garment, are our favs because of the prints they have. Without a doubt, they are perfect with any style and accessory, so do not hesitate to buy a few.

High-waisted jeans: these yes or yes are a basic that you must include in your wardrobe to achieve a romcom look, bet on those that are straight cut or slightly flared.

Tank tops: these are a great reference to 90s fashion, in addition to being super cute and cute, they will serve you perfectly to combine with any look, garment and help you withstand the heat.

90s inspired romcom style

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Get the look: Cher Horowitz

Undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of fashion of the time is Cher, a character brought to life by actress Alicia Silverstone (who is also an icon of the decade), starring in one of the best romantic comedy movies in history (! and one of our favourites!), Clueless (1995).

Cher is a fashion icon from which we can obtain an infinite number of looks to recreate, however, one of our favorites for its simplicity and the girly vibes it transmits is this one and below we tell you how to achieve it:

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cher horowitz romcom style

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To complement your super 90s look, be sure to add accessories such as chokers, small clips or barrettes in your hair and you will be ready to look like a romcom girl.

Icons of the 90s that we will admire for a lifetime:

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