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What to do If your knees hurt: diet and exercise

Runner stretching leg during outdoor knee pain

The causes of knee pain can range from inflammation of the joints to developing blood clots. In any case, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible and carefully follow all his prescriptions. But in addition to therapy, you can slightly change the diet and, if the doctor allows, regularly perform a special set of exercises.

What to eat if your knees hurt?


According to a study conducted by Oklahoma State University, people who received at least 40 grams of soy protein daily for 3 months, as a result, noted a decrease in the intensity of pain. The authors of the study believe that isoflavones, plant hormones found in soy that have anti-inflammatory properties, reduced inflammation and, as a result, pain became less or even completely gone. But before buying soy, consult your doctor: if you have thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances, soy can be dangerous to your health.

Fatty fish

Of course, it’s all about omega-3 fatty acids: their ability to relieve joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis has long been known. And recent studies have confirmed that fish oil is extremely useful for osteoarthritis. The chemicals in it not only block substances that cause inflammation, but also reduce the amount of proteins that destroy the cartilage of the knee joints. So eat more oily fish – it is very healthy!

Fruits with Vitamin C

Kiwis, mangoes, oranges, grapefruits and other fruits rich in vitamin C help not so much with osteoarthritis as they reduce the risk of one of the most dangerous complications of this disease – bone marrow damage. According to a study in which 139 volunteers took part, regular consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C significantly reduces the risk of this complication.

How to train if your knee hurt?

If you regularly experience pain or discomfort in your knees, you should see a doctor – your joints may be inflamed. But until then, you can try these simple exercises to help relieve pain and support your knees.

Stretches for the hamstring

Lie on the floor on your back, stretch your legs, arms along the body. Raise one leg vertically up, then pull your thigh forward with your hands until your knee touches your stomach. Change legs and repeat. Do five repetitions for each leg.


The most important rule is that all exercises should be performed slowly, carefully listening to your feelings. For this exercise, rest your arms outstretched against the wall in front of you, bend one leg slightly at the knee, and take the other back as far as possible. Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor. Start slowly bending the knee of the forward leg while tilting the body forward and down – this exercise will help relieve tension and relax the muscles. Do 10 repetitions for each leg.

Side lunges

Stand up straight, spread your legs as wide as possible. Alternately transfer weight to the right and left leg, bending it at the knee, and trying to keep the other as straight as possible. Make sure your inner thigh is pointing down. Do ten repetitions for each leg


You will need a small roller: you can roll it up from a large towel or yoga mat. Sit on the floor, cross your legs at the calves and place them on the roller so that your calves touch it. Try to move the roller back and forth using only the calf muscles.

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