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What to wear with joggers – fashion trends in 2022

dzhoggery8 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022

Top joggers are the hit of the 2022 season. They were able to take a place in the hearts of fashionistas due to their originality and comfortable style, the main thing is understanding what to wear joggers with. They are distinguished by a free cut and narrowed legs to the bottom. Their highlight is the wide elastic bands decorating the cuffs and waistband.

Women’s joggers – what to wear

Comfortable style in clothes has long been one of the priorities when choosing women’s outfits. Current fashion trends dictate choosing practical clothes that do not constrain movements.

When choosing a similar model for yourself, you should know that it will look best in combination with:

  • Jacket and blazer. For business bows, a suit fabric would be most appropriate, but for everyday life – denim and knitwear.
  • Hoodie and sweatshirt. Knitted joggers and an oversized oversized top are perfect for outings with friends and trips out of town.
  • shirt. It is this element of the women’s wardrobe that can make a bow with joggers office. You can complement it with a jacket or an elongated cardigan.
  • Bomber jacket. In the cool season, a bomber jacket will be appropriate with both wide and tight-fitting models. Marina, stylist: “It is very important to choose a calm color palette of joggers if the top is bright or printed.”
  • T-shirt and top. A duo of joggers and a stylish T-shirt or top is the most winning option for a warm summer.
  • Sweater, jumper, pullover. A similar combination is the choice of early spring or autumn.
  • Sweatshirt. Gray melange joggers and a soft, cozy sweatshirt, complemented by sneakers, are the perfect comfortable combination.

dzhoggery e1650882207580 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Of course, it is impossible to imagine joggers without a stylish denim jacket or an oversized oversized coat.

Diana, stylist “Given the variety of combinations with joggers, we can safely say that this element of the women’s wardrobe is incredibly versatile.”

Office Joggers

The classic model of joggers is simply indispensable for the office, so it is very important to understand what to wear women’s joggers to work with. It can be safely combined with a shirt, blouse, thin sweater, turtleneck or long sleeve, complementing with pumps or ankle boots. Preference should be given to classic noble palettes: black, gray, blue, burgundy. Joggers made of suit fabric are one of the most elegant models. They can be:

  • on coolies;
  • on strings;
  • with a wide belt.

bryuki scaled e1650883660396 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022For going to work, joggers with arrows are suitable, creating an additional vertical line, thanks to which the legs will become visually longer and the silhouette more elegant. Among other things, they add texture to the bow.

ofis22 scaled e1650883245784 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022In the office outfit, cropped joggers with a strict design and made of dense fabric will also be appropriate.

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Description of the style of joggers

Women’s joggers have a slim fit and ribbed cuffs at the ankles. Their key feature is a loose fit and the presence of voluminous drapery. Fashion couturiers have made joggers unique with:

  • various materials;
  • width of the lower cuffs;
  • different landing (high and low).

dzhoggery66 e1650883992346 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Joggers were originally a sporty part of the men’s wardrobe. In the modern world, this outfit has smoothly “migrated” to the “arsenal” of stylish ladies. It is worth noting that light oversize and drape should always be maintained when wearing joggers.

dzhoggery10 e1650884235150 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022One of the main advantages of joggers is the ability to independently adjust the trousers according to the silhouette. Sports models will be able to hide figure flaws, as well as the use of materials of different textures. Loose styles and light material are best for a slender tall lady.

Maria, stylist “Inflated fit – visually” stretch “the growth of low girls.”

Types of joggers

Designers have developed a huge variety of stylish joggers, depending on the chosen outfit.

Cropped joggers

The cropped length adds a casual touch to the joggers, which can be adjusted by rolling up the legs. According to fashion trends, you can understand what shoes to wear joggers with. Bare ankles look best with high heels, cashmere sweaters, loose blazers and long jackets.

ukorochennye dzhoggery e1650884628146 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Cropped camouflage joggers will be in perfect harmony with white sports shoes, rough boots and slip-ons. However, fans of fusion style will be able to combine them with stilettos.

The cropped model, decorated with a predatory print, looks very bold and even provocative. It is important to understand whether joggers can be worn with related clothing items of a similar color scheme.

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Oversized joggers

Models of trendy joggers could not “do” without such a relevant oversized style. This model will look advantageous both in khaki and in a calm gray palette. The trend of the 2022 season is a mixture of fabrics of different textures: denim and knitwear, leather and raincoat fabric.

oversajz scaled e1650885373666 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022To understand what shoes are best to wear women’s joggers, you can study the current fashion trends. Wide and even slightly dangling joggers are ideal when combined with sneakers, sneakers and lace-up boots.

Joggers with stripes

Trousers with stripes have become a hit of the upcoming season. This model was incredibly popular in the 90s. The most top combination: red-black. Eminent couturiers have improved the highlight of Adidas by adding joggers:

  • various inscriptions;
  • logos;
  • laconic lines of contrasting colors.

Best of all, such a model will look in combination with a bright bomber jacket, a quilted vest or an oversized sweatshirt.

lampasy e1650885340414 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Everyone knows that vertical stripes can visually lengthen the legs and stretch the silhouette, so they are an ideal solution for short women.

Joggers with pockets

In the 2022 season, military-style joggers with patch pockets are in trend. As usual, this model is made in khaki color. It is worth noting that joggers with pockets are not so common in women’s wardrobe, so it is very important to understand what to wear them with. Typically, they are worn by men. Designers made them from dense material, adding metal fittings.

bryuki dzhoggery zhenskie 1 e1650885479939 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Pockets can be of two types: mortise and small. In everyday models, you can often find beveled small pockets that fit everything you need. They can be located both in the upper part and on the hips. This model is especially relevant in combination with rough boots.

Angelica, stylist: “It is important to know that such joggers will not suit the owners of wide hips, but for girls with a triangle body type, this is an ideal option.”

High waisted joggers

High-waisted joggers are able to visually stretch the female silhouette and hide a barely noticeable tummy, clearly delineating the waistline. This model is suitable for busty women and girls with narrow hips.

s vysokoj taliej e1650885717412 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Elasticated joggers

The elasticated waistband is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Elasticated joggers are the most versatile model that fashion designers have been able to develop. The bow will become more feminine if you complement it with a snow-white T-shirt and open heeled sandals. Such models can be knitted, and linen, and leather.

dzhoggery na rezinke e1650885993638 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Color and print options

The color palette of fashionable joggers for the coming season is very wide, as well as the variety and creativity of printed models. You can see what they wear with joggers by looking at photos from fashion shows.

In the 2022 season, you should pay special attention to the joggers of the following colors:

  • nude;
  • white;
  • lactic;
  • sand;
  • grey;
  • black;
  • mint;
  • purple;
  • sky blue.

sinie dzhoggery e1650886123583 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022White color is the basic solution when choosing stylish joggers, because it is one of the most versatile and goes well with other palettes. Designers diversified their models with the presence of additional elements:

  • stripes;
  • pockets;
  • prints;
  • stripes.

The perfect look: snow-white joggers with classic long sleeves and a crop top.

dzhoggery s topom e1650886331117 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022
Black joggers are the most practical and in demand. Based on the cut, they can form the basis of a casual, sporty, romantic and even elegant office look. For a business lady, leather joggers are ideal in combination with a blouse or shirt, jacket and stilettos. In street style, joggers and cropped models of tops, t-shirts and jumpers will be appropriate. You can understand what to wear with women’s joggers by looking at photos from fashionable fashion sites.

Untitled design8 e1650886817484 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022For lovers of glitter, designers have created trousers with a metallic effect of gold and silver. Beautiful overflows on the fabric will attract the attention of others, making the bow memorable.

Actual prints in stylish new joggers:

  • inscriptions;
  • logos and brands;
  • tai-dai;
  • geometric;
  • floral;
  • camouflage and military;
  • abstractionism.

Untitled design7 e1650886541514 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022The checkered print has not lost its relevance. The size of the cell will not play a special role, as well as its color scheme. In the 2022 season, plaid joggers with black stripes became a hit.

Jeanne, fashion designer: “The advantage of models of different colors and types of prints is that they are original and unique.” The main thing is to complement them with accompanying plain wardrobe elements.

Varieties of material joggers

Eminent couturiers presented their models in different styles, using as materials:

  • costume fabric (crepe and cabardine);
  • knitwear;
  • denim;
  • flax;
  • velveteen;
  • the skin;
  • atlas

In the 2022 season, satin joggers, which the couturiers decorated with narrow cuffs with pockets and zippers, will become incredibly popular. Due to the lightness and comfort of satin fabric, such a product would be most appropriate to wear in the warm season. You can understand what to wear with women’s joggers in spring, depending on current fashion trends. Satin sheen can make joggers more elegant and sophisticated, and the lady in them will look not sporty, but very presentable.

Untitled design9 e1650886960549 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Among young people, knitted joggers have become one of the most popular options. Such a model is the choice of exceptionally slender ladies, because it is able to emphasize even the barely noticeable flaws in the female silhouette.

Based on current fashion trends, you can understand what to wear with leather joggers. In this model, designers were able to combine eco-leather products and sporty style. They are also characterized by elastic cuffs at the bottom and at the waist, which makes the product practical. Shirts and blouses should be taken into account. As outerwear, a coat is most suitable. In the warm season, the choice may fall on a crop top.

Untitled design5 e1650887552951 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Linen joggers are a godsend for the upcoming summer, because the wide style makes the model as comfortable as possible, and the natural material is breathable. When discussing what to wear joggers with in the spring, you should first of all consider the material from which the product is made.

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Stylish bows with joggers

Stylists have come up with many different options for fashionable bows and what to wear with women’s joggers. Illustrative examples can be found in the photo in fashion magazines. In the cold season, you should choose trousers made of windproof dense fabric and complement them:

  • sweatshirt;
  • self;
  • knitted jumper.

stilnye obrazy scaled e1650887283565 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022These models can be both free cut and fitted, shortened and elongated. Outerwear can be absolutely anything – the main thing is to choose the right wardrobe elements in accordance with the chosen style direction.

The warm season implies a combination of joggers with:

  • T-shirts;
  • tops;
  • T-shirts;
  • shirts.

modnye dzhoggery e1650887075414 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022Shortened elements of the women’s wardrobe are more suitable for slender girls with a thin waist and a flat tummy. When discussing what a girl should wear joggers with, it is worth noting that if earlier joggers could only be combined with sports shoes, now her choice has greatly expanded. In cold weather, it is best to choose rough boots with tractor soles or heels, as well as Chelsea boots or ankle boots. For spring and summer, sandals, sandals and even classic shoes are suitable.

Untitled design6 e1650887782209 - What to wear with joggers - fashion trends in 2022
The hit look of the 2022 season is a solid color wool turtleneck, denim joggers and rough shoes with thick tractor soles.

Stylish joggers are an indispensable element of modern women’s wardrobe. Due to their convenience and versatility, they can fit into absolutely any bow, the main thing is to understand what to wear them with.

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