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Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

pochemu posle tatuazha vypadayut brovi - Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

One of the most popular procedures to improve your appearance (and one of the most affordable) is eyebrow tattooing. But after that there are cosmetic side effects, for example, hair loss. Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo??

The popularity of tattoo

pochemu posle tatuazha vypadayut brovi 1 - Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?Eyebrow fashion has appeared relatively recently. In the last 10-15 years, the eyebrow industry has become very widespread and popular. And the closer to the present time, the more loyal tendencies for naturalness become.

In the eighties and nineties, the standard was considered to be “a raised eyebrow, a thread,” as the famous secretary Verochka assured. Now the fashion has shifted to wide, sable eyebrows, a beautiful chestnut shade.

But nature has not endowed everyone with such luxury, and eyebrow tattooing is gaining popularity. But, despite all the advantages of the procedure, why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

Cons of the procedure

In addition to the “luxurious” tattooed eyebrows, after some time, you run the risk of being left without them at all. Why?pochemu posle tatuazha vypadayut brovi 2 - Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

  1. The effect of the coloring pigment adversely affects the condition of the hairs. It keeps firmly on the hairs and skin, but does not contain the most useful substances that constantly affect the eyebrows. Those whose hair follicles are weak may lose their eyebrows.
  2. Eyebrows can be “burned” and then it will take a long time to restore them.
  3. Improper care (or lack of it at all) after a tattoo can do more harm than the procedure itself. Therefore, it is important to obey the master.
  4. Unprofessionalism is another reason why eyebrows fall out after a tattoo. Be sure to choose a highly qualified specialist, even if it will be several times more expensive.

What to do

What to do if you want to “make” your eyebrows, and at the same time stay with your relatives. Luckily, there are many alternatives to tattooing these days. If you choose an average master, then there is a good chance that the tattoo will be old-fashioned, the eyebrows will be asymmetrical, the paint will be very stubborn. Use more gentle ways to “make” the face.pochemu posle tatuazha vypadayut brovi 3 - Why do eyebrows fall out after a tattoo?

  1. Henna coloring and long-term styling. Eyebrows will be natural, “natural”. Of course, such manipulations will have to be repeated more often than tattooing, but believe me, it’s definitely worth it. In the salon, this is often called biotattoo.
  2. Self coloring. There are many videos on the Internet on how to correct eyebrows and color them yourself. Try this method, you have nothing to lose, it can always be fixed, unlike “stuffed” eyebrows.
  3. Daily coloring. Soft shading with a pencil and eyebrow shadows. You will have to practice, but soon, it will take you no longer than three minutes. And the effect will be stunning.

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