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With these tips your pimples disappear faster

acne tips tegen beautylady - With these tips your pimples disappear faster

It doesn’t make you happy when you look in the mirror and discover pimples. No one ever expects it, especially not on important days. Days when you have a date, a big party or your best friend is getting married. Unfortunately, every now and then such an annoying pimple pops up, even if you clean your skin well. Having a pimple is normal and not bad at all, but they usually show themselves at times when it does not come out at all. Of course you would rather not have that ugly, red pus on your forehead or chin. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to get rid of those pesky pimples. It is important to handle it carefully. As tempting as it is to pop your pimple right away, don’t do this! What can you do? With these tips you can get rid of a pimple as quickly as possible. First aid for pimples is here!

What not to do

Before you get started, it is important that you assess the seriousness of the problem. Is it really such an annoying pimple or do you maybe suffer from acne? If the latter is the case, it is best to visit a dermatologist. A dermotologist can give you advice before you get started with, perhaps, the wrong remedies.

As hard as it is, stay away from your pimple! Even if you prefer to get rid of it immediately, squeezing it will only make the situation worse. In addition, it causes scarring. So don’t. To solve the unwanted visit of a pimple, it is also better to avoid (aggressive) cleaning products, which dry out your pimples. This is counterproductive in the long run. Your pimple may disappear, but your skin dries out, so that you actually start to produce more sebum. As a result, yes, pimples.

So what can you do? These garden-and-kitchen remedies can help you get rid of your pimples as quickly as possible.

Quickly remove pimples? That’s how you do that!

#1. facial cleansing

Perhaps superfluous, but I would like to emphasize that good cleaning is super important. We all know that a big pimple cannot be eradicated in a short time, let’s be honest. The best advice is to cleanse your skin well. A good and fine face wash or cleanser cleans your skin more deeply than a make-up remover does. By cleaning your face every day, you prevent future pimples. A pimple occurs when the pores are clogged and you can prevent this by keeping the skin of your face clean. Research which type of cleansing product is best for your skin.

#2. Lemon juice

A very small amount of lemon juice can be the solution to quickly get rid of your pimple. Because of the acid, lemon dries out that pus and makes it smaller. Dab a drop of lemon juice on the pimple with a cotton ball or sterile cloth, without rinsing it off. Wash the lemon juice from your face before going out in the sun, otherwise that patch of skin may discolor. Note: if you have sensitive skin that irritates easily, skip this tip!

#3. Honing

The special bee products can also work well to get rid of your pimples quickly. Honey contains substances that have antibiotic effects. This kills bacteria and protects you from further pimples and even has a moisturizing effect. Just like with the lemon juice, spread a little sweet honey on your pimple and leave it on for an hour or overnight. Put a gauze or bandage over it if you apply it before going to bed. Rinse it off and you’re done. Do you have several pimples that you want to get rid of? Then use honey as a face mask and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

#4. Tea tree olie

Tea tree oil has many benefits. For example, it is used to treat lice and insect bites. But above all, this oil is very nice for the skin. Tea tree oil is therefore often used in care products, such as body lotions and creams. This oil can be used well to tackle your pimple. You do this by applying a little tea tree oil to your pimple before going to sleep. In this way the oil can absorb well and the pimples disappear like snow in the sun. Be careful not to use it too often and too much, because tea tree oil dries out your skin terribly. A small drop is sufficient.

#5. Sea salt or baking soda

You can use sea salt as a remedy by mixing one tablespoon of the salt in a bowl or glass with two tablespoons of water. Then apply this mixture to your pimple with a cotton ball or swab and leave it on overnight. The salt kills the bacteria and dries out your pimple, making it a lot smaller.

A little baking soda can also work wonders in an emergency situation. Baking soda is also known as baking soda. It is often used in cooking as a leavening agent, but it also works well in the fight against pimples. How? Clean your skin well before you apply this stuff. Then mix a little bit of baking soda with a tablespoon of warm water and stir it into a juice. Touch the spot and let it dry thoroughly. Don’t leave it on your skin for more than a few minutes or it will dry out too much. The result? The redness will decrease and your pimple will disappear faster, because the salt reduces detection and has a calming effect. You can also use baking soda if you have sensitive skin, as it contains no chemicals and does not harm the skin.

#6. Aspirin

We all know that aspirin works well for headaches. But did you know that aspirin can make pimples disappear? A real “grandma knows what to do” tip. Aspirins are just as effective against a pimple as they are against a headache. This is due to the salicylic acid it contains. Crumble or crush an aspirin in a bowl. Mix this with some water or a few drops of lemon juice. Add some honey and stir well until a smooth cream is formed. Spread it over the problem area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Do you suffer from very dry skin? Then don’t do this. Aspirins reduce inflammation, but they also dry out the skin.

#7. Ice

Ice cubes also work very well against pimples! The cooling ensures that the skin is frozen and blood circulation slowed down, which closes the pores. At the same time, it removes all kinds of dirt and of course oils and fats that have formed on the skin. It is best to take an ice cube and possibly put it in a bag or wrap it in a clean cloth. Keep the ice cube on your pimple for a few minutes and you will notice that the redness, swelling and inflammation is immediately much less. Repeat this process a few times a day, making sure the ice is in good contact with your pimples. This is a very quick solution!

#8. Toothpaste

A very well-known one, but this just works well. Toothpaste dries out the pimple, making it smaller and eventually going away. Apply some toothpaste to the crime scene before wrecking and see immediate results when you roll out of bed the next morning. Just make sure you use a natural toothpaste, otherwise it can irritate your skin. The aggressive ingredients in other toothpastes make your skin red and can cause the area to swell. And of course you don’t want to walk around with a red bump for days.


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