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Wordbook Watch YouTube videos to learn English, click on a word for instant interpretation, and you can also collect it for review

In addition to listening to music, watching music videos, checking game guides, watching unboxing texts or funny videos, YouTube also has the function of learning foreign languages! VoiceTube, which was introduced a long time ago, is the pioneer of watching YouTube videos to learn English. I believe everyone is familiar with it. If you want to learn English from videos, you may need to turn on English subtitles first. Even videos without native subtitles can be used. YouTube’s built-in function automatically generates subtitles. While watching videos and subtitles, you may need a translation tool to check the words. Is there a faster and more efficient way?

This article will introduce “” is a useful all-in-one learning tool that displays subtitles simultaneously while watching YouTube videos online.When the user clicks an unfamiliar word on the subtitle, the video will be paused immediately and the English definition will be displayed, just like the effect of directly checking the English-English dictionary for youin this way, you can save a lot of time and learn more efficiently. If you need to, you can also register for a free account and add words to your dictionary, so that you can go back and review at any time.

If you still can’t understand the meaning of the word after using the English-English dictionary definition (maybe there are a bunch of words that you can’t understand…), you can also use it with the Simple Translate or Mate Translate browser plug-in, you can understand the meaning of the word. The words of the word can be converted into Chinese through Google or other translation tools. If you need to watch videos to learn English, you may try It is completely free, and there is no need to download or install additional software.

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After opening the website, directly copy and paste the YouTube video URL, click “Play“Start playing.


When you use for the first time, there will be a simple introduction and teaching of operation methods. In short, the subtitles of the video will be displayed at the bottom. When you see any unfamiliar word, click it to display the English definition, or add the word to your own dictionary. collect.

If you want to save the word, remember to click on the upper right corner “Sign Up” to register an account, you can also use your Google account to quickly log in.


The picture below is the actual YouTube video effect. The subtitles will be displayed in the bottom column, and the font size will be larger, which is easier to read. After clicking on the subtitle word, the definition will be displayed, and the video will pause immediately. The record is in the right column, which is convenient for searching or returning to review memory at any time.

Click “under the definition”Add to dictionary” will add the word to its own dictionary.


The function of adding a dictionary requires a registered account to use, but registration is completely free! After logging in, you can view and search for your favorite words at any time, and click to open, the definition will be displayed again, which should be more efficient for learning English by watching videos on YouTube.

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. is an all-in-one learning tool that allows users to learn English from watching YouTube videos
  2. After pasting the YouTube URL, English subtitles will be displayed synchronously, and you can click on a word to query the definition instantly
  3. You can add words to your dictionary collection to review or test your learning at any time

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