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YASIC simple online image editing tool, adjust the resolution and convert to four formats

YASIC Homepage

YASIC(Yet Another Simple Image Converter) is a simple online image conversion and editing tool. The main function is to format or resize the image in the browser, and output the image as PNG, JPG, BMP and WEBP. The advantage is that there is no need to Download or install additional software. Although today’s mainstream operating systems have built-in image viewers or basic editing options, users may not know how to operate. If you want to adjust the image size or convert different formats, just open this website. can do it.

The YASIC interface is very simple, all options are presented in one screen, it is also an open source (Open Source) project, interested friends can go to GitHub page to find more instructions, it is worth mentioning that this service does not upload any data to third-party servers, even if there is no Internet connection, it can still be used, and all operations are done in the browser.

If you encounter the WebP format, you may not be able to open it directly on the computer. You can also use YASIC to convert it to PNG or JPG format. In recent years, WebP has become a common image format on web pages because it has a smaller capacity and provides better image quality. But the disadvantage is that you may not be able to click to open directly after downloading. I have also introduced other WebP conversion tools before, such as:


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There are three main steps after opening the YASIC website: 1. Select the image to be edited or converted, 2. Adjust the size or format of the image, 3. Set the file name and then click to download and save the image.

How YASIC is used
How YASIC is used


You can adjust the image resolution (Resolution) from the editing function on the right. When you enter the width or height, it will be automatically adjusted according to the ratio. If you don’t want to do this, uncheck the “Maintain aspect ratio” below to not maintain a fixed aspect ratio. In addition, YASIC supports four image formats, including common PNG, JPG, BMP and WEBP. In addition to adjusting the image resolution, it can also convert images to other formats.

Adjust image resolution, convert image format
Adjust image resolution, convert image format


Finally from “File Name“Name the new image file, click “Download” to save the edited image.

Download and save the image after setting the file name
Download and save the image after setting the file name

Three reasons it’s worth a try:

  1. YASIC provides simple online image conversion and editing tools
  2. Convert images to PNG, JPG, BMP or WEBP formats
  3. Open source project, available even in offline environments


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